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first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#Bahamas, February 11, 2018 – Nassau – Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, the Hon. Michael Pintard encouraged students at D.W. Davis Junior High School to be influencers of positive change and role models at their schools, and told them, “don’t turn back” from the progressive path they may be traveling.He was keynote speaker at the school’s Honour’s Assembly, on February 5, 2018, where more than 50 students were recognized for being on the Honour Roll for the summer and fall terms of 2017.(BIS Photos/Eric Rose)last_img read more


first_img Share your voice Computers Roadshow Tags Tesla Model S Long Range pulls further ahead of the EV… Tesla pulls the wraps off its Model Y crossover SUV 8:35 It’s a major effort to design a processor chip. The magnitude of the work is reflected in the gargantuan number of transistors — 6 billion — that make up the processing circuitry on each of Tesla’s chips. But Tesla’s in-house expertise, spanning everything from processors and software to battery manufacturing and charging stations, gives it a major advantage over conventional automakers.”Other car manufacturers can’t compete,” said New Street analyst Pierre Ferragu in an August report on Tesla. “Their business model doesn’t allow them to fit all cars with this expensive hardware, and they run vastly behind on technology, depending too much on their suppliers and unable to tightly integrate hardware, software, and operations. As a result, Tesla is setting the standard for mass-market autopilot.”Two brains for self-driving safetyEach Tesla computer has two AI chips, a redundant design for better safety, Venkataramanan said. There’s redundancy in the chips’ power supplies and data input feeds, too. Even the car’s cameras are on two separate power supplies to guard against failures.”There are a lot of redundancy features, which makes sure … nothing untoward happens to the system” if a sensor, component, camera or power supply fails, Venkataramanan said.Each chip makes its own assessment of what the car should do next. The computer compares the two assessments, and if the chips agree, the car takes the action. If the chips disagree, the car just throws away that frame of video data and tries again, Venkataramanan said. That’s one of the reasons Tesla wanted powerful AI chips that could handle such a high frame rate for video.Highly optimizedEach Tesla AI chip runs at 2GHz and performs 36 trillion operations per second. That performance is possible because Tesla optimized the chips for self-driving cars and dropped anything more general purpose, said Debjit Das Sarma, another Tesla chip designer and former AMD engineer.For example, the chip handles data recorded as 8-bit integers instead of the 16-bit floating-point numbers more common in AI tasks but that require more power to process. For another, it’s got an extremely limited set of instructions it can process. And it’s got a gargantuan 32 megabytes of high-speed SRAM memory on the chip, which means it doesn’t have to wait around while fetching data from much slower conventional DRAM memory.”Rather than spending all the power on these profligate things, we wanted to spend most of the energy on what really matters for us,” Das Sarma said. Although Tesla designed the core AI elements of the processor, it relied on off-the-shelf elements for things like graphics processing.The AI chip took 14 months to design, and now Samsung is manufacturing the processor. It’s shipping in newer Tesla cars now, and older models can be upgraded. 9 Photos Comments Now playing: Watch this: 38 Two big, square AI processors power Tesla’s third-generation full self-driving car computer. Tesla showed the computer at the Hot Chips conference. Stephen Shankland/CNET Designing your own chips is hard. But Tesla, one of the most aggressive developers of autonomous vehicle technology, thinks it’s worth it. The company shared details Tuesday about how it fine-tuned the design of its AI chips so two of them are smart enough to power its cars’ upcoming “full self-driving” abilities.Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk and his colleagues revealed the company’s third-generation computing hardware in April. But at the Hot Chips conference Tuesday, chip designers showed how heavy optimizations in Tesla’s custom AI chips dramatically boosted performance — a factor of 21 compared to the earlier Nvidia chips. As a bonus, they’re only 80% the cost, too.The company needed better hardware to achieve its 2019 full self-driving goal, in which cars navigate not only freeways as today but also local streets with stop signs and traffic lights. “It was clear to us, in order to meet our performance levels at the power constraints and the form factor constraints we had, we had to design something of our own,” said Ganesh Venkataramanan, one of the chip designers and a former AMD processor engineer. Processors Elon Musk Samsung Teslalast_img read more


first_img Share Aaron Bernstein/Getty ImagesTrump administration Cabinet secretaries attend ceremonies for late evangelist Billy Graham at the U.S. Capitol on Feb. 28. At least nine current and former members of the Cabinet face accusations of abusing their office.One regular part of White House press briefings these days is the update on corruption allegations in Trump’s Cabinet.Most recently, the questions have focused on Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin, who piggybacked a minivacation on taxpayer-paid travel to two conferences in Europe, and Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, a gifted brain surgeon in trouble for ordering custom-made chairs, dining table and hutch for his office. They cost $31,000.“On Secretary Carson, the order that you referenced was canceled, and they’re looking for another option that’s much more responsible with taxpayer dollars,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told a reporter at the briefing Friday, offering a halfhearted defense of Carson.At least seven current and former officials in Trump’s 24-member Cabinet have faced accusations of abusing the perks of their office.Tom Price, the former head of the Department of Health and Human Services, lost his job after it was revealed that he took charter flights costing nearly half a million dollars.“I was disappointed, because I didn’t like it, cosmetically or otherwise,” Trump told reporters last September, the day the firing was announced.But ethics problems like this actually aren’t so rare.“I happen to have a list of administrative scandals going back to Harry Truman, and I can tell you this is really not new,” Elizabeth Sanders, a political scientist at Cornell University (and no relation to the press secretary) said in an interview with NPR.“Is Trump worse than others?” she asked. “I think he’s different, because the scandals are more related to the incompetence and venality, one might say, of people that he brought in.”Cohort of outsidersSanders cited Ronald Reagan, who, like Trump, brought in a cohort of outsiders to shrink government. But after a few scandals like those happening now, Reagan changed his approach to hiring, she said. “He appointed people who were not only competent but who had experience and who didn’t have personal interest in conflict with the agencies they were heading.”One common thread of these current scandals is a sense of privilege.Federal officials are supposed to fly coach whenever possible — not first class and certainly not charter. They’re not allowed to bill the government for pleasure trips, as Shulkin tried to do. He has made some repayments.HHS said Price’s charter flights were needed because of his “demanding schedule,” which included speeches to doctors groups, visits to medical facilities and a stop in Nashville, Tenn., where he met his son for lunch.Price later offered to reimburse the government for the cost of his seat — $51,887 — but not for the overall cost of the flights themselves. He said, “The taxpayers won’t pay a dime for my seat on those planes.”Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke used helicopters to avoid Washington’s notorious traffic. In one case, he took a helicopter to Yorktown, Va., to visit the battlefield, which is maintained by the National Park Service, and then flew back to go horseback riding with Vice President Mike Pence.Blame the staffThis leads to the other common thread: a tendency to blame the staff.When details of Zinke’s travel became public, he told the Heritage Foundation that his charter flights “were only booked after extensive due diligence by the career professionals in the department’s general law and ethics division.”Similarly, Scott Pruitt, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, said started flying first class after encountering hostility from other coach-class passengers. On CBS’s podcast The Takeout, he said his security officers told him to do it.“I have a responsibility to listen to those individuals that are charged with the obligation to keep me safe and to keep employees at the agency safe,” he said.The day before Tom Price was fired as HHS secretary, he told Fox News all of his trips “had been approved by the legal department, and been approved by the administration department — within HHS.”And the way Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin explained it, his request for a military plane for his European honeymoon actually came from his staff. “They put in a request to consider the use of an aircraft — not so much just for flying, but effectively it was a portable office,” he told Politico.Ethics consultant Susan Liautaud said the cabinet officials might have misjudged the public’s tolerance. She told NPR, “I’m wondering if some of them aren’t a bit surprised by the very strong reaction from the media and the public.”Liautaud said poor ethical conduct is highly contagious within an organization, and added, “The more dangerous part is that not only does unethical behavior spread, but it mutates into other forms of unethical behavior.”She said what starts out as a simple transgression can lead to doctoring emails, or lying to investigators, or threatening whistleblowers — all hallmarks of the travel and spending cases now under scrutiny.Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/.last_img read more


first_img Share Archaeologists recently discovered a historic cemetery in Fort Bend County, reopening an often forgotten chapter in Texas history: How the state forced mostly black prisoners to work in plantations and sugar cane fields after the Civil War, in what many consider legalized slavery.Now there’s a growing effort to preserve that history.For years, activist and former prison guard Reginald Moore has spoken out at public meetings in Fort Bend County, just southwest of Houston, and sent letters to historical groups. He’s asked officials and other residents to remember the state prisoners who died laboring. At one Sugar Land City Council meeting in 2013, Moore pushed for a museum in their honor.“The people deserve to know and deserve to be recognized for these inmates —  for the atrocities that happened. The city, the state and the county need to give an apology,” Moore said.Moore’s public testimony is now being archived at Rice University  — along with his correspondence, including official letters and handwritten notes on the backs of envelopes and other documents not publicly available.Amanda Focke, who is the assistant head of special collections at the Woodson Research Center at Rice’s Fondren Library, said that the library started the archive in 2015 after Moore donated some of his personal materials.“He spent so many years not being heard in an official way and not having any kind of action taken based on what he’s talking about, that he’s just a wall of words, telling you about this topic,” Focke said. “He’s immensely grateful for the help of all his allies and he’s just such a gracious man. The first thing out of his mouth when he talks to you is ‘Thank you for everything you’ve done,’ and then he goes on to talk about what he would like you to do next.’” To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: The archive continues to grow as Moore continues his advocacy.Rice professor Caleb McDaniel, who teaches about the history of slavery and abolitionism in the nineteenth-century United States, said that Moore’s work and the history of convict leasing still resonates today as U.S. society wrestles with the privatization of prison by many states and mass incarceration that some scholars describe a new Jim Crow system.“A lot of people don’t know about this history, so future historians will be interested to learn how did greater awareness of this history come about and what did it take?” McDaniel said. Laura IsenseeSince 2015, Rice University archivists have been collecting and cataloging Reginald Moore’s work to preserve the history of convict leasing in Sugar Land.“Future generations of historians will be greatly interested in letters like this that document the conflict over the past that occurred and how people thought about the past struggled to get their perspectives on the past acknowledged and recognized,” McDaniel added.center_img Listen X 00:00 /00:58last_img read more


first_imgAfter a remarkable performance in ‘Sacred Games’, Elnaaz Norouzi gears up for its second season. Read on to know what the actor has to say about her experience working with A-listers of Bollywood, and what all the audience can expect from the much-awaited second season. How did things change after the success of Sacred Games? I have never seen such craze for a series or film. So, after the show went viral on web, things changed entirely for the better. People have started recognising me because of ‘Sacred Games’, and addressing me as Zoya madam (my character’s name)… which is pretty cool. Also, the fact that audience applauds my performance and doesn’t remember me as ‘just a pretty face’ is a compliment in itself. This is what I always wanted. Also Read – Add new books to your shelf Was it intimidating to work alongside established actors like Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuddin and others. Is there too much pressure of proving your potential and grabbing the eyeballs for your performance while working with A-listers? Initially, when I went on the set and started working with Saif sir and Nawazuddin sir, I was very stressed. After all, it was my first project with mega stars. But luckily, not for a second I felt that I was shooting with such established actors. Both of them are amazing beings and never treated me like a newcomer. Obviously, there is a lot of pressure to deliver my best, however even when I forgot my lines, they were patient and considerate towards me. All I can say is we had a lot of fun on the set. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsive How difficult is it for an outsider to create a niche in the entertainment industry? It is very difficult… I don’t think I can define it in words. It needs a lot of dedication, hard work and focus to survive in this industry. To overcome all the obstacles coming your way, and prove yourself amidst so many great talents and star kids, is a huge struggle. If you could play some other character from Sacred Games, which one would that be? I don’t think I would want to play any other character in ‘Sacred Games’ other than Zoya and Jameela. There are many layers to my character which will be unveiled in Season 2. So, yes I am happy with what I have got. What can one expect from the second season of Sacred Games? One can expect a lot of new characters in Season 2. How the story is going to unfold will be crazy and amazing at the same time and just on another level. There is going to be a lot of entertainment. I can assure you that Sacred Games season 2 will be very exciting. Tell us about your role in ‘Zee5’s web series? ‘Abhay’ is a new Zee5 original web series which is doing exceptionally well among the audience. We are coming out episode wise and will have eight episodes in total. I am playing the main lead opposite Kunal Khemmu. The name of my character is called Natasha, an ex-cop who has an interesting past with Abhay. Unfortunately, I can’t reveal much because we are still shooting for the same. You have to wait and watch. An ongoing web series you want to be a part of? Made in heaven. I really loved it. A project you regret turning down? Thank god there has never been a project that I turned down and regretted later. Whatever I have turned down has turned out to be the right decision. Web shows or movies, what’s your pick? I feel web is not just the future but also the present. It has a much higher reach. So if there is a web show where my character is amazing and the story is relevant, I would choose it over a movie. An actor you admire for his/her choice of roles? Alia Bhatt.last_img read more


first_img Working professionals, fire up your grills. In the U.S., Labor Day is your day. Time to kick back, forget about work and get your cookout grub on with friends and family.For most of us, this means grilling mouthwatering, all-American favorites, like hot dogs, burgers and steaks. Whether you’re a seasoned grill master or a barbecue beginner, adding a few high-tech gadgets to your grilling arsenal can take your open flame game to the next level.Sure, it’s a little last-minute, but it’s still not too late to gadget-ify your barbecue rig, gas or charcoal. Here are three awesome grill gadgets to fire up your labor day BBQ party:Related: 4 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Take Labor Day Off1.  GrillbotCooking with a dirty grill can be, well, gross. The only black bits on your guest’s seared T-bone should be crushed peppercorn (or some other savory spice), not crunchy, charred unidentifiable grill grate gunk.Clean up your act minus the elbow grease before and after your party with the Grillbot electronic grill scourer. Just toss the triple-motor, autonomous grease- and grime-munching bot on your outdoor grill grate — charcoal or gas, doesn’t matter — and let it go to work. With a built-in LCD alarm and timer, you can literally set it and forget it.Grillbot comes in black, orange, red and blue rechargeable battery models. For coated grill grates, choose the brass brush option. For stainless steel grates, go for the stainless steel brushes.Price: $129.95  Related: Avoid Labor Day Weekend Travel Scams (Infographic)2. iGrill2 When it comes to barbecuing the perfect steak, timing is critical. The iGrill2 takes the guesswork and the pressure out of the often frustrating, time-sucking hassle. So, say sayonara to over- or under-cooked meat, and to missing out on the party because you’re too busy babysitting your grill.The iGrill2’s live temperature, graph-loaded app works wirelessly with Bluetooth 700°F thermometers (two come with it) that you leave in your meat while it sizzles. You can track your fiery eats with your iPhone or Android from up to 150 feet away. No more burnt hockey puck burgers, not with iGrill2’s temperature pre-set alarms on your side — or in your tactical Grill Sergeant Apron, whatever works.Going all out and grilling multiple meats or fish at the same time? No problem. The iGrill2 has you covered with a capacity for up to four temperature probes made for short sears and long smoke jobs.Price: $99.99Related: 3 Innovative Ways Startups Are Driving Results Over Social Media3. Bison Airlighter Ever fantasize about lighting a charcoal grill with a flamethrower? Go on. Be honest. It sounds kind of awesome.The Bison Airlighter makes your pyro grilling dreams a reality, letting you blast stubborn coals with 2,600°F degrees of raw firepower in the touch of a button. Lighter fluid, matches and wimpy BIC lighters be damned. The mighty Bison commercial-grade (thankfully not military-grade) flamethrower discharges a powerful, long-reaching buzzing blue flame that fires up “instant-light” charcoal briquettes in a matter of seconds.Whether you’re tailgating or hosting a backyard or beachside cookout, you’ll be the hero of the party. Bonus: This USB-powered bad daddy is outfitted with a child safety lock, a flashlight and, heck yeah, a bottle opener. Bottoms up and Happy Labor Day!Price: $99.95Related: 6 Super-Hot Food Trends You Need to Know About 3 min read Register Now » September 5, 2015center_img Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right.last_img read more