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Five initiatives to smooth traffic changes in Xining

summer street parking, a road traffic, pedestrian lights not bright and other issues, most of the driver is It is often seen. Recently, the reporter in the city traffic police detachment learned that, in order to further promote the city slow blocking Paul Chang work, ensure that the area of road traffic order, the city traffic police detachment launched five initiatives to solve the above problems, to maintain the road traffic order.
A: measures and severely punish serious traffic violations and multiple traffic violations, to ensure the smooth and orderly way. Step two: clean up 54 street, summer street and other main roads illegal parking. Regulation of the road and other 13 Binhe Road and Branch Lane parking order. Action three: the implementation of the main city to mark the main line marking, repair and update the main city of all the pedestrian crossing lights, in the laying of the road traffic facilities. Step four: the implementation of control system, construction of the main city of 63 intersection signal electronic police system, traffic guidance system, primary and secondary roads and street demonstration strict control sections illegal capture system, optical fiber network control system of traffic facilities, upgrading the command platform system, bus lane system etc.. Act five: optimize the organization of traffic, and gradually improve the single organization of road sections and microcirculation, and diversion approach to science.


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