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50 law enforcement raids Youyi public to report unlicensed medical behavior Awards

in July 2nd, in the provincial capital of the original commercial office with a family member courtyard, arena Youyi grounds, defrauded 2000 yuan; in July 3rd, a hotel in the provincial capital of Kunlun, under the guise of illegal medical practitioners in the clinic, a health food when selling drugs, cheated 4000 yuan…… Recently, the phenomenon of illegal capital of the provincial capital has risen. July 16th, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau of health supervision at all levels of joint action to combat illegal medical practice.

on the same day, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau of health supervision at all levels by 50 law enforcement officers, Army division, the implementation of fault in four district of Xining City, residential market stalls, undocumented undocumented dental clinics and medical practitioners during raids. In the South Street Sports at a low, narrow dark cottage, "the dentist" is a complete set of processing. To his surprise, health supervision and law enforcement officers will appear in the rain in front of. Dental forceps, tweezers, drill, denture rusting, filled with dirt; the broken small table, stacked with gypsum powder yellow; dirty aluminum soak ready, full mouth dental mold…… In the face of such a dirty medical place, illegal practice of Huang rubbed his grimy hands, muttered: "I did not sell……". Then, he glanced at the bed sideways. Law enforcement officers quickly from the shoes under the bed in the heap carry a bag, which is to do a full mouth. Some of the copper leather supporting teeth has grown green algae rust. Law enforcement officers seized the dental tools, materials and finished products here, and banned the dental clinic.

in Sanjiang Garden District Nanshan Road, a few tables Han home, put to the public for acupuncture needles, with herbs and some medicine. Han said to law enforcement officers: "my medical skill is my father. The patient is very special, my skill is good." Health supervision and law enforcement officers on the spot verification: Han without a doctor’s qualification certificate, no doctor practicing certificate, no medical institutions practicing license, illegal practice. The clinic was banned according to law.

in the East District of Taining District, law enforcement officers banned a free license of drugs in the foot store; Xinmin District, rented here a diabetes health center "experts" and the staff, are some of the elderly class, some staff seriously to measure blood pressure, blood sugar and some "; experts hold a health food, to the audience introduced medicinal effect," absolutely can cure "and" particularly effective "promises sound can be heard without end. Faced with the sudden arrival of law enforcement officers, these experts do not speak up, but also tried to hide products and promotional materials. Law enforcement officers in accordance with the law banned the unlicensed diabetes health center.

east district health authority law enforcement officers braved the rain, through a muddy potholes path to Chu village, banned Beverly chain pharmacies without a license in the clinic practice visits; in the village, a banned undocumented dental clinic…… Close to noon, the rain stopped, the law enforcement officers are still running around, stick to the inspection site.

it is understood that these illegal practitioners who have no medical, pharmaceutical diploma, the vast majority of only small;

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