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Xining civil affairs project construction to help the economy and people’s livelihood

Civil affairs project is the basis for the development of civil affairs. In recent years, with the continuous increase in the country’s investment in the field of people’s livelihood, civil affairs projects also showed an increase in the number of the gradual expansion of the scale, the situation is constantly enriched species. At present, the field of the project mainly include facilities for the elderly, children, disabled welfare facilities, community service, disaster prevention and mitigation, social affairs and other six categories.The main channel of

under the new economic normal, finance for civil affairs spending is rigid, is the underpinning, it is necessary to ensure. The construction and promotion of civil projects and livelihood issues are closely related, therefore, only to solve the problem of people’s livelihood, in order to achieve the aspirations of the people, to meet the needs of the masses.

hoarse as done, solve the problem of interests of good people are most concerned about, the most direct and realistic, let the project continue to force, to promote the harmonious development of society. Therefore, our province under the civil affairs departments, give full play to the initiative, extensive integration of social resources, and effectively perform its functions, in order to better solve the biggest social problems of people’s livelihood, is committed to the shortest time to help the people who most need help, let people see the project construction, to let people participate in and enjoy the construction achievements, enhance the happiness index.

"now, by means of the civil project force, in order to better and more effectively protect and solve the livelihood problems, this is a good thing for us, from the project construction over the years, this project has been significantly improved, can be more than 60%." Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau Su Leihong told reporters.

"real" being, provincial Civil Affairs projects fall flowering

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