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And building national ecological security barrier to ensure that a river of water to the general sec

General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed in the inspection of Qinghai, Qinghai ecological status is important and special, must assume the responsibility to protect the source of Sanjiang, the protection of the Chinese water tower, a major responsibility. To adhere to conservation priorities, adhere to the combination of natural and artificial restoration, starting from reality, the full implementation of the main functional areas planning requirements, so that the main functions of the national ecological security to strengthen the overall strengthening. General secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech aroused strong repercussions in the cadres and the masses in our province, we have said, to great efforts to practice and requires deep understanding of the General Secretary Xi "and promoting the ecological environment protection, keep in mind the general secretary of the Commission, do solid work, hard practice, and building national ecological security barrier, to ensure that the" three the water flows to the east".

adhere to conservation priorities, and actively promote the construction of ecological civilization

General Secretary Xi visited Qinghai, fully embodies the CPC Central Committee and general secretary of the province’s development of the cause of concern and attention to the love of the people of all ethnic groups in the province." The National Park Service Sanjiang (chips) party secretary Li Xiaonan said that the important speech of General Secretary Xi, we deeply feel more exciting, more firm confidence in the economic development and ecological protection more firm determination, more determined to protect and improve people’s livelihood perseverance. The current and future period, we will study the important speech as the primary political task, as a guide to action, as a strong spiritual motivation, and strive to move forward. The construction of the Sanjiang National Park source task arduous responsibility, shall not be any accident, we should embody "four solid", reflecting the "respect for nature, comply with nature, protect nature, in accordance with the law construction, green construction, national construction, construction, construction, harmonious wisdom science park construction, open principle, push forward the source of the Sanjiang national park system pilot work.

inspection, connect with the General Secretary Xi video Zaduo county Party Secretary, Sanjiang source of Lancang River National Park Park Administrative Committee of the Party Committee Secretary Dan Zhou said, the responsibility and role as important speech to the General Secretary Xi, fully grasp the ecological protection work, to promote the Sanjiang national park system pilot work. Continue to carry out national action project construction of ecological civilization, to promote the "Sanjiang National Park Construction in Yushu action" activities, a comprehensive display of Yushu people, and protecting the ecological ecological ecological love Thanksgiving image, positive energy boosting ecological civilization, efforts will lead to further the construction of ecological civilization.

Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Delingha Forestry workstation Jin Zhancai and several colleagues, after learning the general secretary of the important speech spirit, seriously do notes and discuss. Jin Zhan said: "the general secretary proposed to achieve economic, social and ecological benefits of the unity, made a clear deployment to Qinghai to strengthen the protection of the ecological environment, and build a strong national ecological security barrier. In future work, I will fully understand the grasp of the spiritual essence, practical thinking and action to the spirit of the speech, with a more inspiring spirit, more high morale, more pragmatic style, constantly enrich and improve themselves, strive for ecological culture;

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