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How to prepare for the 2017 food and beverage industry Business

some time ago on the burst red friends of time speech, Luo Zhenyu took us to look at the summary 2016, look at the future of the year 2017. Generally speaking, five black swans. What is the hottest topic in the field of venture capital, Xiao Bian is holding Knowledge has no limit. attitude to see this speech. What will the world be like in the future, we don’t dare to comment, but we always have to face the future with an optimistic attitude. As Luo fat in time friend said, the 2016 biggest feature is that the world a lot of things only to see a fall off a boot. The most obvious atmosphere is called "things are changing."".

so, what kind of boots in the restaurant industry, what time off, how to fall? What changes will happen?

2017 how do you dare to cook more brutal than 2016, there is a chance of Chinese food breakdown

several reporters interviewed 25 catering boss, including Jia Guolong, Wang Pin Chen Zhenghui, Sibelius and other industry heavyweights like home tachco Telford, listen to them on the 2017 pre sentence.

Charlie · Munger said, we must accept the macro and micro is that we can make a difference. I hope this report can help you grasp the trend and change, win the "cognitive warfare".


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25 bit catering boss forecast

Q1: what do you think will happen in the new year’s food and beverage industry,


1. will be more brutal than in 2016, the industry’s unprecedented competition and high frequency of survival of the fittest (bosses are the most concentrated answer)

2. polarization is more and more obvious

3. began to usher in the brand’s gold ten years, customers will be more inclined to choose the trust of the brand of food and beverage, no brand awareness gradually eliminated

4. more test of internal strength (product development iteration, cost structure optimization and operational efficiency improvement), do not pay attention to internal strength will be eliminated

5. the older generation of food and beverage brands to further die out, there is a new force in the throes of the occupation of the market, more small and fine dining format

6. food industry increasingly developed

7. mature meal prices will go to multi brand road development

8. good ingredients weathervane effect will become more and more obvious

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