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Analysis of Hongkong young Huang Hongke’s pioneering Road North

when the entrepreneurial atmosphere of the mainland is becoming more and more intense, many of the 80 after the Hongkong entrepreneurs to the north to the mainland cities, began a new career life. From Hongkong to work in Shanghai venture, and then fought in Beijing founded O2O (from online to offline) takeaway platform Hongkong ice room, Huang Hongke spent 3 years. Over the past 3 years, he has always been grateful to the mainland, but also to see here is getting better and better".

"Hot Tea, HK Style even a cup of authentic did not drink, how to evaluate the Hot Tea, HK Style Haobu? Similarly, even the mainland have not come, how can we define the society? Hongkong young people to come out to see, each place has its own characteristics." Hongkong 80 entrepreneurs Huang Hongke recently in Beijing to accept China News Agency reporters interview, said, like Beijing’s tolerance and enthusiasm."

2013, Adam opened a franchise in Beijing tea "Hongkong ice room", the main Hot Tea, HK Style and Egg Tart. Huang tea from the traditional recipe, prepared by 4 from Sri Lanka tea in different proportions, used Hongkong tea restaurant in Holland and milk blending, fragrance overflowing, lead a person to endless aftertastes. With the Egg Tart puff pastry, Hongkong is a major feature of the ice chamber. Egg Tart leather imported butter flour mixed with New Zealand, after a night of fermented. With unique custard ingredients, baked out of layers of clear, sweet but not greasy pastry Egg Tart.

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