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Courier driving unlicensed tricycle be punished illegal street kneel begging the police

online shopping and express delivery has become a part of the lives of many young people. Recently, Harbin City, a courier was punished for violation, he should not detain his knees begging Street police car. This scene was photographed by passers-by uploaded to the internet.

13, the reporter received a public Harbin WeChat reflect, said the day morning near the road corridor District Hongrun Road on the sea Ginza, saw a courier Street kneeling in front of a traffic police, traffic police seized him don’t request the electric tricycle delivery parcel, the scene of people take to the circle of friends sparked heated debate. 14, the traffic police department to respond to the matter, said the incident when the courier driving a vehicle without a license, unlicensed, and in the forbidden Road, time pass. As the courier was emotional, the police did not punish the scene, allowing it to continue to send a piece, after the notification to the area to deal with the brigade.

Harbin: postal logistics courier delivery delayed Street begged buckle car

14, the reporter network transmission couriers Street kneeling in front of the traffic police issue, contact the Harbin postal express logistics company marketing staff. According to its introduction, the Department of the Department of the Department of kneel down the road, the Department of the Department of the recruitment of Lee, Lee, less than thirty years old, more than a year into the bureau. Recently "shuangshier" peak delivery period, Lee day sent more than 100 parcels, for delivery within the prescribed time limit, although that does not allow the tricycle on the road, but Lee has been using electric tricycle loading package delivery company. On the morning of the incident, Lee delivery way was stopped by traffic police on duty, he saw the police car very nervous, and listen to the traffic police to get off after deduction of fines, was afraid of delay the day express delivery, according to the provisions of their own will be punished, and the police do not negotiate the deduction, the negotiation fails, Lee take the initiative to the police. Subsequently, the police said not to the vehicle, and its criticism of education. Later, Lee expressed regret for the behavior of kneeling, saying he was really very worried and very afraid, impulsive behavior.

Harbin Police Response: Express car undocumented unlicensed police scene did not buckle car

in the traffic police department to accept the punishment, Lee said the incident has caused great damage to himself, users do not want to spread the incident because of emotional excitement, only to make a radical move, never thought anyone would recommend taking pictures

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