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Do business also need to bear all the shop

if there is a shop to do business experience, that really is what kind of people will encounter, and sometimes encountered unreasonable no place, can only own silence. Not long ago, one day, a customer came to the store with some eggs, and said angrily, "you have all the eggs yellow!" I quickly took over to check, obediently, there are a few eggs are long green hair, apparently put too long.

my store fresh eggs are sold out in one or two days, and then purchase. I asked the old man when he bought the eggs, he said more than two months ago. However, although I labored with old facts and truth, he did not buy it, but as long as the customer into the store, he first "complain", also looking for reason. In desperation, I had to give him back the money.

one day last year, a middle-aged woman bought some things in my shop. A week later, she found the wallet did not change, which has not had the wallet, so I did not doubt the change. I clearly remember that she had been looking for change, and then help her to recall the whole process, and then help her analyze the reasons: no change may have been taken by the family, may also be stolen by thieves. Nice to say a basket, but she still continues to trouble after the he’s really not letting this go today, tomorrow. Later, my father could not stand, they find her private consultations, gave her a little money, she just give up.

if the shop to do business all want every reason to say, I’m afraid every day only to some unreasonable and dealing with the customer. Therefore, the shop business, sometimes it will inevitably encounter some wonderful customers. If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow。 All operators, also must have Friendliness is conducive to business success., sometimes "bear" mind.

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