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How much money is needed to invest in Tianjin ‘bones

no matter what the service industry, as long as it is the main body of the industry, due to the trust of consumers are the primary purpose of business. Take the food and beverage industry, how to win the trust of consumers, the brand is very important. A restaurant brand, the reputation of the consumers is extremely important, to their own stores to create more profits, in the choice to join the brand must choose a consumer recognition and visibility of large brand. When it comes to well-known brands, Tianjin is a good choice for the bones of


Tianjin carpenter bone was founded in 2013, mainly in the operation of fast food, its product quality, good quality of service, so a large number of consumers of all ages. Now a bone is extensive to recruit franchisees, the franchisee to enter more and more join the team who head, now joined is hot, if you are interested in this project’s head, then as soon as possible!

bone joining conditions

1, an independent legal entity, with capacity for civil conduct and legitimate business qualifications, can independently assume civil liability.

2, with the investment company’s business philosophy and service standards.

3, have a certain financial strength and have a good reputation in the region.

4, to provide effective business premises, legitimate business qualifications.

5, franchisee to recognize the corporate culture, business philosophy, management model, maintain the brand image, and common development and progress.

6, the ability to independently bear civil liability, good conduct, no criminal record.

7, with entrepreneurial enthusiasm, open awareness, sensitive vision, healthy mind.

carpenter bone join fee

equipment fee: 60 thousand yuan of raw materials: $35 thousand opening fee: 10 thousand yuan

utilities fees: 900 yuan / month Liquidity: a total investment of $80 thousand fee: 253 thousand and 900 yuan

Since the founding of the

bone has been a few years since the development of a number of franchisees have fast food brands in the market by consumers who love, is a very good investment choice.

if you want to join the idea of Tianjin sauce bones, please leave a message in our website, we will see the message after the first contact with you.

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