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Husband and wife selling pickles to earn forty million

business products regardless of size, without distinction, as long as the product can make money is a good choice for business. Life in the seemingly insignificant pickles can also become a cinematic gold business, a couple with the wealth of life plan to sell pickles.

in Liaoyuan’s table, there will always be a dish of delicious pickles "flower". "Flower pickle" is not only the people of Liaoyuan unique taste to enjoy today, but also exported to more than and 40 provinces and regions, so popular, its founder Cao Chunhua also so famous. From the beginning of the stall selling pickles, and now set up nearly 40 million yuan in annual sales of Jilin Xin Hui Food Co., Ltd., along the way, Cao Chunhua performed a miracle from scratch.

more difficult venture

recalled that day, Cao Chunhua is still full of emotion, "at that time, lost about 100000, house was also sold, rented a small house, the day had run out."

1995 years, Cao Chunhua and her husband sold radish stem. Buy radish, cut into strips after drying, get the market to sell, customers can buy their own home to do pickles. Sold for a year, did not earn a few money. Cao Chunhua pondering, pickles I will do, since the radish do not make money, I do pickles sell it.

pickles popular flower market

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