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How to start on the road a road crossed the bank

is not to say that business, easy thing, it is because people don’t think hard, they can buy their hearts or is a "on the jump", but to be crossed the path bank really is not an easy thing.

A, policy barriers. Individual private enterprise related policies, no doubt for entrepreneurs is a gospel. However, compared with the limited company, this form of business has not been recognized by China’s current economic market. At the same time, as far as I know, the so-called penny when the owner of the individual proprietorship enterprises in different regions, the difficulty of setting up different. Some areas of the business sector simply do not welcome this, because it is difficult to control, because less tax. One of my friends’ companies registered a new company in New Zealand, and it’s hard to imagine. And we, the sole proprietorship enterprise is not mature, condition of a limited liability company is too restrictive, and some special industries, such as tourism, network, Internet cafes, and approve the layers will let you down. We lack a policy environment that is really good for entrepreneurs.

two, capital barrier. Here I do not write capital barriers, because for most entrepreneurs, capital, after all, far away. Venture capital how many of us dare to think, even if you dare to consider, where is it? Bank loans, although some banks recently out of personal investment loans, but how many people apply for it? How to apply? How to guarantee? China’s banks have always been the rich do not love the poor, you do not have no real estate assets, banks do not go in the door. Or you have in the bank before the rotten tens of millions, the bank is afraid of you, but your loan is easy. Personal entrepreneurship, I dare to guarantee that some bank employees will open two big beautiful eyes, said: what? Then you have to save your money, borrow money from friends and relatives. And when you have two money, entrepreneurial enthusiasm can not. Of course, you have a patent, with the exception of technology.

three, the concept of barriers. One of my classmates, after graduating from college decided to start their own business. But just the beginning, the neighbors on the rumors four fly: look, what a certain college students, but also a famous university, but also can not find a job, I heard that in Guangzhou there is a meal. His parents listened to the chilling, two days of three phones in every possible torture. Another classmate, after graduating from the newspaper in January more than 1000 wages in the government sector, the entrepreneurial students parents got out of order. Family pressure, social pressure, so that entrepreneurs have a heavy burden, how much more than the operation of unnecessary worry. And your business partner, he will be luxurious office, decent office as a symbol of your strength, just started? He put the contract away at once.

four, perseverance obstacles. I said in a previous article, the development of * strength entrepreneurial * perseverance. Most of us fail because of lack of perseverance. Of course, there are many factors that cause lack of willpower. The China culture does not advocate personal heroism, gun fight bird, wood show in the forest, the wind will push which is caused by a > perseverance

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