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Retail business how to do joint sales

is to buy a product, but because the operation method of the right owner, the final customer jointly purchased several pieces of products, such as the joint sales have more help for the long-term operation of the shop is natural. And now, regardless of the city or the countryside, street supermarket, innumerable. The supermarket number, and the number of customers has not changed, the business is more difficult to do. Some smart retailers think of joint marketing strategy to expand sales of supermarket goods.

joint sales is the potential demand for customer targeted, to recommend suitable products, in time and space under certain conditions, the joint sales shop can effectively enhance the level of profitability, can also provide customers more satisfied with the collocation. It has been proved by practice that the method of joint sales has remarkable effect in daily operation, which greatly promotes the sale of goods, and makes the business of shops increasingly prosperous.

Heilongjiang Fangzheng County, Harbin retail business: Zhang Cuihong

in the daily operation, as a retail business, we not only want more brains, but also to open mouth. When there is a customer shopping, we meet customer demand in addition to shopping, but also to further consider the customer will have other needs? Are we satisfied with the needs of the customers? In general, the needs of the customer is diverse, customers will come to the supermarket to sell alcohol and tobacco, there may be other things to buy. Some retail businesses are passive, the customer into the store shopping, customers say what to buy, what to sell to customers.

and some retail businesses are very active, in addition to meet the needs of the customer’s claims, but also in accordance with the customer to buy goods, and actively ask the customer is not the need for other related products. Three cents mouth, do not buy it does not matter. But more often, such a question by the merchant, the customer to mention a wake up, customers will remember that there are still some goods need to buy. This is the benefits of joint sales, joint sales can drive the sale of other goods, increase the overall sales of goods, so that sales to a new level.

I often use the joint sales method in the daily operation of the sale of goods, the effect is significant. Last year on the eve of the Spring Festival, a man working in the city came into my shop, he said he wanted to buy a cigarette in the Spring Festival to go home to bring back to his father, to respect filial piety. I recommended a "good day" cigarette for the man, and it was really nice, and the price was real. Secondly, the "good day" name is good, and now people who do not want to live a good life, in the Spring Festival this year, a good day to suck on the "good day", people’s day will be better and better. The male customer listened to me such an interpretation, gladly accepted my recommendation.

but this Sales didn’t end there. I get to the customer side smoke, while there are sporadic seemingly casually chatting with the customers, that his home.

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