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Liu Jinlan rural rabbit success

business is not what happens, but if entrepreneurs in rural areas is still relatively rare, relatively backward rural areas have many problems in technology, business to the inconvenience, so many people choose to go to the city of entrepreneurship, but also has the benefits of rural rural, agricultural crops rich, vast territory and abundant resources, Liu Jinlan is found in the countryside have such the conditions, selection of rabbit in the countryside, now the development of good.

adhere to their own rabbit dream

talking about raising rabbit, two years ago, Liu Jinlan is still a layman, now has become the largest professional small rabbit family. Before running the farm, he heard that the market is now thinking about the cultivation of rabbit rabbit, so he was born in his mind the idea of getting rich rabbit. He thinks to the farm for rabbit experience technology, and several in-depth thinking about the market sales by Ma rabbit, repeatedly thinking decision together with his wife Si Ma rabbit breeding.

money in the bank put the more worthless, just started my wife and I account, I think there is a head, coupled with the support and help of my friends, I began to embark on the road to rabbit." Liu Jinlan, who was cleaning the rabbit’s column. Liu Jinlan has a lot of friends to do business in the city, friends know that he should be in the development of rabbit industry, to help him contact several breeding specialist in Chengdu, took him to visit and study and contact the sales. With a clear path of development, Liu Jinlan more confident rabbit.

2014, Liu Jinlan took out about 100000 yuan in cash accumulation, build homes, buy a rabbit rabbit "in the beginning I spent 70 thousand yuan to build the more than and 200 square meters of warrens rented around these fields, mainly used for planting some forage to raise rabbit, 10 thousand yuan with some aquaculture facilities, 20 thousand yuan to buy 40 groups of rabbits, put yourself a lot of effort, to tell the truth, the pressure is big. Dry farming industry well, there is a risk, do not try to know which will not succeed!" Referred to the initial stage of the business, Liu Jinlan smiled, like touching the baby like the touch of the hand of the gray think rabbit.


quality demand

"rabbits are very clean animals, environmental health will affect the growth and quality of rabbits." Speaking of rabbit’s experience, Liu Jinlan speak closely reasoned and well argued. It is true that his rabbit is not only a big, fat and tender, cooked after a special flavor, his rabbit in the local supply has been in short supply. Today, the more than and 200 square meters of the Warren total annual output value reached about 200000 yuan.

"the more than and 10 rabbit is next door to the village Zhao feast to be used, we have arrived at 3 p.m. to send their kill." Liu Jinlan’s wife agile peeler. According to her, and now the village to do wine bowl, most of the banquet table will have a stew of the rabbit, which is both nutritious and delicious main course, they raised the rabbit not only in the local farm wine bowl, "attended"

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