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Hefei pilot intelligent parking system has been difficult to solve the problem of open parking

with the development of science and technology, people’s lives have undergone tremendous changes, science and technology make people’s lives better! Today, Hefei people eagerly looking forward to the wisdom of the parking system has begun a pilot, the public can now download the system APP, feel the fun of parking spaces in advance.

There is a parking lot near

, but I don’t know if there are any parking spaces, which is a headache for many owners. This problem is expected to work with the wisdom of parking system to solve.

11 month 3 days, "the road of civilization civilization walk" in Hefei city and Luyang district "smart parking system on-line ceremony, Hefei will pilot in the North Second Ring Road area parking guidance system, parking lot and provide information for the owners of the remaining parking. Meanwhile, in order to ease the parking problem, convenient public parking, Luyang district planning and construction of 19 parking spaces, can provide nearly 2400 parking spaces.

covers 82 parking lot

happy song Parking Lot 120 (a), Fortune Plaza parking lot (200), Yuan Yuan Road (North Ring – along the River Road) 80 (one)…… Reporters saw, through the provision of intelligent parking on the road display, the owner of the parking lot parking information at a glance.

north of the town of a dense ring of wealth Plaza, Luyang district government will become the first pilot area." Luyang District, the person in charge, the Luyang District of Hefei City Park in cooperation with the company, the integration of the Luyang area 82 parking lot parking resources and Hefei city park management road marking parking resources, the province took the lead in the construction of city parking guidance system, to build a unified traffic information management platform. The move to improve the public consciousness of civilized road and parking facilities utilization, reduce the search for parking lot due to traffic congestion, in order to reduce parking caused by the waiting time and improve the efficiency of the whole traffic system has positive effect.

Hefei City Park, the relevant person in charge of the city parking guidance system refers to the urban areas, through the intelligent detection technology, will be scattered throughout the parking lot intelligent network data upload, realize the real-time data of each parking parking lot release.

At present, "

turn on the main roads, secondary roads and parking area in front of a class, two grade, three grade induction screen, it can provide real time Luyang District into the parking lot of the system (Library) position, car number, empty and full state information, to guide the driver to stop." The responsible person said, in a display area of the parking lot in what way, how many parking spaces; two level display name of parking lot and dynamic parking information; three level display shows the entrance to the parking lot.

the responsible person said, the pilot of the 7 are in the northern part of the East intersection with Luo Ji Lu Jian

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