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How to do the restaurant to surprise customers

how to make consumers favor, each of which is a service industry are more concerned about the issue, the catering industry is essentially a service industry, so the service quality determines customer satisfaction, so the restaurant exactly how to improve customer satisfaction? As long as there are a few do, there is no problem.

restaurant how to do to surprise customers

1, do not blindly learning

people also need to learn, the catering industry is the same, in fact, food and beverage industry, there are many places to learn, it is important to see a restaurant owner will not learn, the best place to learn from others, but now it is many bosses are to follow the ISM, students move rigidly, finally is neither fish nor fowl can only be closed, restaurant. To find the real needs of customers, and provide to customers, this is the real service.

2, develop new dishes

now any level of the restaurant is the introduction of a variety of different new dishes, for a long time not to launch a new dish, then the customer will produce taste fatigue, your delicious dishes is not what attraction, appropriate to introduce new dishes, increase customer freshness, to retain old customers of

3, let customers eat

in fact everyone will have the heart of cheap, but some people will do, some people do not do. A lot of people in the face of new temptation ability is limited, many restaurants launched tasting events are often crowded, so this is a very effective tactic, the customers came to the restaurant, customers can try to eat free new dishes, the heart is naturally very comfortable.

these three methods can make your restaurant service better, more satisfied with the customer.

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