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New glasses shop should pay attention to which points

shop entrepreneurship has become the tide of the times, however, if the new open a shop, want to be successful, naturally also need to pay attention to a few points. So, the new glasses shop to pay attention to what? Let Xiaobian to you.

shop business has now become the whole social entrepreneurship shop boom, however, is not a simple matter, need to do a lot of preparation in advance, can let the busy work for everything in good order and well arranged, to open the shop as an example, we at least need to pay attention to the following:

a, capital budget

glasses shop budget includes the cost of coordination and relationship for rent, transfer fees, equipment, goods, decoration, staff salaries, all kinds of documents, some entrepreneurs also need to add the cost of training, or joining fee. In the calculation of the market should be in accordance with the highest level is expected to be high, not low, while the best on this basis to prepare a certain amount of working capital, so as to prevent the adverse effects caused by strand breaks.

two, grade positioning

"this word is very philosophical, there must have, consumers buy things can be divided into three types: practical, economical and practical, burn, regardless of the scale of the shop is also very difficult to achieve the size of all, which requires entrepreneurs in the open shop before the need according to their financial strength, personal ability and market environment to make a choice, the correct positioning.

three, site selection and passenger flow forecast

According to the

funds and positioning, entrepreneurs need to make a forecast of location and traffic, the glasses shop, high traffic Feng Shui is naturally the best choice, but the local rent are very expensive; the key near the school, high traffic comprehensive shopping mall neighborhood, the intersection of trunk road (a the best parking space, focus on general hospital) especially prominent hospital ophthalmology neighborhood location is also a good choice, this kind of position is less than the bustling commercial street, but the price is very high.

four, decoration

decoration is very exquisite, poor people will think soil too tasteless, with good result of large investment, and others will say that in the long run, you are more expensive than others, so when the glasses store in the decoration according to the local consumption level, with the scale of moderate good shop.

five, sourcing organization

glasses chain corporation and some glasses shop for a long time veteran, experienced, channels, take the price of goods is very low, and even some can return. But novice admission, if you do not choose to join, then take the goods will certainly eat a little

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