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Why should add the target=_blank attribute

, I’ve always been disgusted with the pop-up pages on the page,


believes that readers must encountered such a situation, when you browse the pages in a site, if you click on the watch, after a while, when you want to leave this website, you can find yourself on the screen all the site’s pages, this is the case of IE6. If your browser has tabs, the tab bar will be full of pages from the same web site you’ve seen, which is a bad experience, anyway.

in the end pop-up page is good, the debate has long ago. Both the public just said, each one sticks to his own viewpoint, both sides just said. Some netizens cite websites that do not pop up pages, and many of them are well-known foreign websites. Thus, "nationalist" stood up, and he said a word we often heard – Chinese people have become accustomed to pop-up web pages, which is called Chinese characteristics.

indeed, I’m more concerned about reading a web page. Maybe it’s for the technical reasons. For example, I gave a page one eye, found that there are several links more interested in, then I click on the front of the link, but usually not directly left click, right-click the —> open in a new window, so repeatedly. I’m just making sure you don’t miss any of the pages that interest you. If I click directly, if the link does not have the target=" _blank" attributes, I will probably turn off the new entry, so I lose the chance to continue browsing on the page.

also, I am a little lazy), encounter strange: website, I will never go to try to see whether it has the characteristics of left click, pop-up. That’s too much of a waste of time. Surfing itself is rather random and critical. Remember, visitors surfing than go to the market to buy food easily, much more comfortable, a little unhappy, he will turn to other website! Wish, think about my friends, do you have when browsing the web, because of a "do not take care of a little habits of their own, have been shut off the example. For example:

1) you are opening a web page, when your computer begins to kill virus or net speed is slow, the webpage does not open for a long time. You think this site is really slow, and then it’s off.

2) when you’re looking at a web page, suddenly a friend sends you a funny link with Skeype, when you click directly on the link, so the page you’re just looking at is pointing at the new link. After that, you forget the previous page.

3) you see a beauty site, a dozen points at a time, when you realize that the computer is slow, and then turn off other windows, the switch is likely to have you have not seen the web page;

says here, readers should feel the same way that web pages are so fragile. From hundreds of millions of web pages

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