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New Year gift hematemesis sharing alliance experience of choice

time is really fast. Today is the last day of 2010. It’s not exactly right because it’s less than 3 hours old. The last post, because it’s urgent to go out without finishing it, but the basic idea is pretty clear. In 2011, I’ll share something more practical. Today, through their own experience, and we talk about most of the webmaster headache problem, that is, the choice of advertising alliance.

I’m a very conservative person, and always take the first place, so I always do the alliance between Google and Baidu. But at the beginning of 08, something unfortunate happened, and I spent a few years of Baidu promotion account closed, in fact, Baidu is right, because I really cheated. The thing is, when I do Baidu promotion site is K, that the site is not what value, in order to make the site to play the final heat, decided to cheat in the first month, get 6000 yuan, so second months awesome, not to reach 5 when the account numbers happened. 0, the account is clear. The next two years, I basically only do Google ads, but also try to re apply for Baidu promotion, but the information is already on the blacklist, there is no way through. A friend let me change the identity of a person to register, but I did not do it, I don’t want to talk to my work, why do the stalker.

because after graduation in a foreign country workers, and therefore relatives and friends are in different places, the monthly fee is quite large. In 2010, a chance, a friend recommended me to use a telephone network, when I went to see him there after the discovery of a promotion alliance, as a webmaster habit and my needs, I do not directly download the telephone network, but to look at the alliance, found that promotion commission 20%. He first registered an alliance, the second day through their own promotion link registered an account and then recharge, recharge after several times to look at the union account found a really good, not bad in Chengdu. Just then I also need a coalition of channels, it is officially out of promotion, one month down is also good, therefore so far has been doing, 3 digit daily income is stable cut rose steadily.

after this, I opened up several new alliances and worked well. As a matter of fact, sharing is over, but in order to take care of someone you don’t understand, make a brief summary. First, Google and Baidu are also good, but their applications are difficult (Google for the original is very simple, it is said that now, although it is difficult to apply for General Union) are very easy, but we also worry about the deduction amount, after all, is only an intermediary alliance, it is a cost of operation, also need to there is a profit. So, if you can’t apply to Google and Baidu, isn’t there a good League? Is it true that Google and Baidu are the best alliances? Of course not. In fact, most of the alliances are agents, if we find them directly

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