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s there any problem with your blogging operation

blog as a form of website, has its own unique advantages: easy operation, strong interaction, a three-dimensional content and so on are that it cannot ignore the strengths, but also exists in the form of blog as a garden style, and even become the industry brand building garden, as long as you often. A5 webmaster website, you will find that many authors are in the name of +SEO, so in a sense, although no independent blog before the development of plastic brilliant, but not when it comes to die. But an indisputable reality in front of us, it is the blog operating difficulty is increased a lot, if the correct operation strategy cannot grasp, then your blog is just a niche to drink, as the embodiment of public food will be very difficult.

is your blog ready for promotion,


I have seen so many webmaster in the blog set up, was busy, because it appears that the wine is also afraid of deep alley in them, only out of the promotion, gain visibility, to continue the development of this law, to no ground for blame but everyone in the promotion before, have not thought about a problem, that is you the blog is ready to extend? Maybe you would say, have been ready for a long time, whether it is to promote the scheme or funding for everything is ready, but you asked whether blog blog? Has a unique view and download resources, or highlight the connections and so on, these things are necessary for promotion of stability the effect, if you slept in, for great popularity and hits, but the user one to your blog that reality and fantasy how large a gap, Even the feeling of being cheated, which is a great harm to the user experience, and seriously, this part of the traffic even irreversible.

so small stones suggest that everyone in the promotion of the blog, it may come to a dormant period, in this month’s time as much as possible to focus on the content of the construction, there will be a blog show will have a unique feeling.

, do you know your audience,


many webmaster blog to share is defined as self, I share some of the relatively hot content in the blog, like the popular SEO, network marketing blog, but this seems to cater to the market demand of blog can obtain long-term vitality? I think it is not necessarily, network marketing blog is serious a problem of homogenization, as for other blogs also exist positioning and audience demand does not match the situation, such as the front end time relatively hot in a Shandong University of electric grid, compared to the Lei Feng network, Zhongguancun online, the independent blog is not unique industry data from the station that not even the weight of query love however, is such a popular blog of the University City, so I specially with the University’s nephew made contact, get the answer is, " Electricity is not known, but it is useful. As he said "useful", my understanding is this blog is not seemingly confused data, there is no so-called "

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