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A VC confession of 3 how to value your first girlfriend

We thank Karl Max

, he introduced me to one of the three important part of the Marx doctrine of the British political economics, also recommended I met with Adams the great. I would like to share with all entrepreneurs the most profound insight I have in the way of students’ minds: Adams’s invisible hand".

of all transactions in the world, whether it is cheap, cost-effective, expensive, and even earned lose fooled, all contributed by Adams Smith this "invisible hand" in the doings of ghosts and gods are willing to buy at this price, people are willing to sell at this price, all is the buyer the seller is willing to, principles and methods for what "value"


often asked, early start-up companies should be how to valuation? Can you have cast your price oneself out of the market, and finally made a VC out how much money you have how much money, this is the "valuation". If you don’t put the price oneself out of the market, No one shows any interest in you, your company can say there is no market price, not worth a hair.

early startups don’t have the exact "valuation" approach at all. You can bargain with VC and see what you can do.

! Today I is how, speak a bit far not to the point…

so, from another point of view, let’s first limit the logical assumptions we’re discussing in case we’re going further off:

1. everything has a starting point,

2. money is value-added during the course of time (the financial turmoil is ignored for a while)

3., we eat a mouthful of stuttering, climbing the stairs is a section of climbing up

The size of

4. is equal to the company’s ability to generate revenue (including profits)

5. sellers always want to sell

at the highest price

6. buyer (in theory) always wants to buy at the lowest possible price (except luxury brands)

7. in Beijing, Xiushui Street or Shanghai, Xiangyang Road, the way the bargain is too gentlemanly,

8., Adams’s "invisible hand" is the most crucial trading determinant

early startup is the starting point for a great cause, it can be a Idea on a white, may also be an eager young team eager to get into action, or brothers put their savings rented a little room to tighten their belts and night struggle startups…

…You need

entrepreneurs fire eyebrows money, even if you get a go out and then hit a big fat VC, he asked how much money you need, you can ask anxiously: "give me 200 thousand…… no wrong mouth, is 2 million…… no, wrong again, I would like to 20 million." VC smiled and eerily around the eyes. "

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