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Game design mechanism 12 concepts of nternet product design

many of us work hard to concentrate, but in the game when it was, most of us lack of perseverance, but these people can insist on playing a game until a murky sky over a dark earth. The psychological characteristics of the game and the game contains mechanism design that will help us to design better game products, even in daily life can also motivate yourself according to the relevant principles, successfully reached the expected target. Below we will study the game design mechanism in several aspects, and the product design principles that come out.

1. pushing effect.

(Pushing effect), pushing effect refers to the goods on the target buyers reach. The mall originally attempted to tie rack in people easy access to the next channel to increase sales, but the channel of people built not only did not achieve the desired effect reduced sales. This is the so-called "pushing effect" caused by the sales decline phenomenon. Pushing effect has the same effect on the network or the game. For example, the accumulation of characters in a scene in a game can lead to confusion and confusion.


similarly, if an application has too many functions, it can cause functional aggregation, and the first impression will cause the user to lose interest. The solution is simple, 1 shielding unwanted actions by other players or users (for example, many people in the game hall, and many words, without having to display all of them. Only show the player or the user’s own) 2., do not gather features, make the application concise, learn subtraction.

2. do not have a hammer everywhere looking for nails, techniques used carefully, the function carefully added.

with the progress of technology, the popularity of smart phones, such as mobile phone LBS, gravity sensing, sliding operation has been a large number of applications, but there is a tendency to abuse. Games do not have to use 3D technology, but also to develop good games, such as two-dimensional games, plants, zombies, angry birds, abuse of technology will only increase the cost of development, the loss outweighs the gain. In mobile app development, some applications or games are more appropriate for new technologies, such as Temple Run, which uses gravity sensing and glide gestures. The rope is cut with only hand gestures, thus saving development funds into the design and development of real games.



3. network has a long tail, but pay attention to, there is no promotion or not easy to use.

although there are many kinds of games, and the audience is different, according to the long tail theory, each type of game will find the corresponding audience. However, although the network makes the long tail longer, however, the game or application still faces the problem of promotion. If you have developed a niche game, eager to serve the minority, then…

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