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Case analysis of red system application in Web Design

web design is important, both color and non color matching, should pay attention to. Next, we start with each color analysis, we first explore the red system in web design applications.

as is known to all, red is a very strong emotional color, can make people feel excited, so we Chinese also think red is a festive color, it will bring people happiness. Bright red often attracts visitors’ eyes, so red is also a common color in Web design. Next, we will analyze how to better use it to attract readers’ attention.

red is an exciting color, and now I’m going through an analysis of various red pages.

1. Food and food web design

case one: Red + crimson + white



the entire page is based on red as the tone, with a strong impact, very well suited to dietary web design. White fonts in the red contrast, the overall page is very eye-catching, giving a visual impact, so that readers warm and powerful, and produce appetite.

case two: Red + crimson + grey



the whole page does not dominate the red, but it really highlights what you want to express. With a deep red cola bottle, the interface is clear. The red outline and white background are very simple, but they also highlight the theme. Therefore, the red food website does not necessarily say that the entire page is red, but also can be light colored bottom, red highlights.

two. Company show class website

case 1: light red + dark grey + pink



red takes up most of the area. It’s easy to attract the readers’ attention. With the addition of pink (light color), the whole picture is very harmonious, but it can easily highlight the text and the pictures in the picture. The combination of dark grey and red makes the whole page more lively and energetic.

four. Women’s web pages

case 1: White + light red + pink



is the dominant color with a slightly reddish white color. It comes with additive colors, red and pink

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