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What are the profitability of local stations three

webmaster friends, I am Baoding shopping network video old pay, I wrote two articles: a few days ago where the profitability of what determines the profitability of the local station and decide what is (two), won the attention of the webmaster friends and I QQ ask what time the following article I’m very sorry, because of the recent launch of the company’s business is busy, so, until today to take some time, well, do not talk nonsense, the beginning of the text.

talked about ideas today.

said the idea you know the popular point that thoughts, ideas, creative, seemingly simple, in fact, your ideas, but more time is only an idea, thought or idea, why? You think, thinking, just want to be as boundless as the sea and sky, not to the point, because you have not implemented, too is that your thinking is also just in theory or illusory state, do not get the actual research. Then you should ask, who is not thinking first, and then practice, this sentence is critical, thinking before, and should be considered carefully, from various aspects to consider, including the following aspects:

1 you need to have your own think tank:

You need to

their views (although sometimes the truth in the hands of a few people), they need a consumer perspective to help you if you think this idea can bring value to customers, your idea is feasible, after all, the future is to exchange money, is to let some groups you are willing to service pay if you think tank, most people think that you can buy the service, so OK, your ideas are basically feasible.

2 calculates how much money you need to implement your ideas:

better idea, no money, no start-up funds, the possibility of success is also very small (unless you only win by an idea VC). Carefully measure each input, find the total, touch his pocket is enough, if not, whether they can get there from their families, relatives, friends, or loan financing could be realized, if not possible, then your idea is limited to a creative idea, and basically did not have real value, then think of individual ideas. If that’s enough, OK, then look down.

3 think about the short cut you’ve made of this idea:

there are tricks, shortcuts, on one way, if you feel there is no shortcut, this is very normal, then you must be mentally prepared, may your entrepreneurial path will be difficult, but don’t hesitate, you already have more than the first two, but also afraid of what.

4 let your ideas begin to turn into success,

said, but also in my thinking of Baoding video shopping network www.0312v.com when a process, you have me on the road,


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