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More functionality is not necessarily a welcome experience for commercial products

a lot of people ask me whether I do e-commerce or social networking, ha ha, really not, and completely do not take sides. I do business products, and do is platform project, the nature of integration and integration. So often envy students who do user products, can pay more attention to user experience, interactive design, have the opportunity to use their products designed, you can hear the most authentic feedback around. Commercial products are utilitarian and direct many, concern is not the same, today is a simple talk about the work experience.


1. does is more important than not doing what

doesThe goal of

‘s commercial products is clear, either to help the company make money or to save money for the company, or to make money faster and better. The point of making money is actually one or two, the other is more auxiliary, cool and dazzle again, when the customer finds out that you want him to dig out his wallet, he will be cautious at once. A lot of things we think are pretty good, the customer first reaction is, "what are you doing again? I don’t want this, I want the previous one.". Earth is the soil." But this situation is also very common.

another kind of confidence is full of plans to go on-line, the front-line staff looked and said, "this is good, but can we use it internally, not open to customers first?". I’m worried that they might have questions about this, it could affect XX, and it would increase our workload." If you listen to silly eyes, but can not, big step will pull the eggs.

this does not include what time, problem, promotion costs, legal risk, and so on, have to consider. Originally made a cake, full of joy to take the stage, and finally only the bottom of the cake, not necessarily someone eating.

so planning is good and reality is cruel. Many changes and unexpected changes, they have to do, products are always smaller.

tips: have the opportunity, account for the pit, the other can slowly, if you need to cut function, also do not hesitate. Carefully crafted results, often by other products to grab the first, then faced aborted, difficult. If Xin Ye sees this paragraph, should be particularly weak.

2. doesn’t just have user experience,

we will focus more on our customers than on our users. Users have another group to consider.

has to admit the fact that rising incomes often bring down the user experience. Because the vast majority of income comes from advertising. There are not many people who like to watch advertisements, but like Amazon, the advertising version of Kindle can be 25 cheaper, and it is estimated that it will be able to bear much more.

heard a colleague say before: "customers come here to make money. If you can make him make money, it will be difficult for him to come.". More than a few steps, perhaps even more time to study it. When he really loses, you’ll have to design it again to be nice and easy to use, and customers won’t come."

that’s it.

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