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With the help of the user thinking to the construction site to avoid self willed

is now a lot of people in the construction site, always in their own thinking in their love to build a website, actually this kind of practice is not wrong, their own web site, of course you love to do a website, but unfortunately, this idea is very easy to bring their own punishment, because of personal strength is very limited in the network world, you love the site, others will love? Maybe you have the establishment of technology, design skills, but you do it even professional website, can not get the favor of users, this is why? I think this is actually entered the self-willed misunderstanding, think they can about everything, but in the end only can be about


is a successful website, must be from the user’s point of view to create the user left, like a fish out of water, a bird out of the air! Here I come to the user by means of analysis, thinking to the construction site of the


1: avoid website redesign, light content,

user thinking is a very important core, is useful to oneself, if the website design more beautiful, for their lack of use, they are generally very difficult to have perseverance and stay on your site, so that they can help owners realize, construction site, construction should pay attention to the content, but in terms of design, to it is simple and effective, allowing users to quickly find the content! If your site through the construction of flash, looks very beautiful, but need to open a web site after the completion of the entire flash download, can be opened, so let users wait too long! Now the rhythm of life is so fast, I believe that many users have no way with a website open up time to ten seconds! So in the design of a little less garish, in the content, the creation of more useful information for the user That’s the point,


two: with the user’s thinking, to enhance the interactive entertainment website


is the webmaster’s own thinking, are often in accordance with their own ideas to interact, but everyone on the Internet are relatively independent, they have various requirements of interaction, and you do not need to blindly guide and mandatory, so it will be counterproductive, if you can help the user’s thinking, then you can open up a channel on the site, dedicated to the members of the organization’s activities between self demand, this time as long as you a little guide, to avoid interaction in the name of go to defraud the real thing! Also should pay attention to the interaction of interaction, sharing the characteristics! And now the Baidu search engine the results also share this icon! Share the more trust, so this site will be higher


three: with user thinking to prevent their marketing too far, publicity untrue

usually users do not want to see those dazzling advertisements, especially false advertising, once users are exposed, then the content for this promotion will immediately stick trust label in a >

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