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The essence of innovative interpretation of recover the original simplicity

a website to give users some strange things, in order to let users remember you, and at the same time, web site to innovation, can constantly meet the needs of users…… No innovative website like a bay of stagnant water, no ripples, sooner or later to death, so, not only is the site of any industry in innovation, innovation and even extreme, demonized, in fact, innovation is far from so mysterious, not chasing new differences, we in the innovation, the first thing to do Study on the essence of innovation will understand that we must first do


market economy, everything is around the economy, as long as the profit is a good idea! As early as seventeenth Century in Europe, once popular classical and popular, this trend for a century, in the style of the Tang and Song Dynasties, the Tang and Song Dynasty eight as the representative of the ancient prose movement vigorous set off boom…… The way that the ancients used to praise, precipitated a few centuries later, was excavated by later generations. Such an example is not uncommon. In modern economic society, nostalgia often occurs.

innovation can attract the attention of the user, and the user can move the nostalgia heart, once a loss of time off the old memories in nostalgia, can promote a consumer website! The purpose of innovation is to win customers, if you take the extreme, with some modern fashionable words, references to some function. Additional special attributes of a product, increase the product selling points, these innovations are, however, in the pursuit of these additional commodity attributes, consumers will be priced in or stop, in the advertising riotous with colour lose yourself in, there is no best, only better in an awkward state.

selling point is one of the main means to attract users. Many of my friends are eating the ice cream, and his invention is two vendors, a door is a summer Fair held in the UK, there are two vendors selling food, selling a popsicle, another sell scones cake, hot weather, sell popsicle vendor business is very good, and it the business is so cold. Because the weather is too hot, the popsicle, hawkers sell scones thought anyway, my bread is sold, it will be free of charge to sell popsicle vendor scones let him wrap a popsicle, results, some people buy the scones wrapped popsicle, did not think the taste very good, cream this

was born!

ice cream as innovative products, which is the starting point for the users of the service, if all the popsicle away, then no one will buy, and allow users to buy, you have to solve the problem of popsicle out, at least delay the formation time of water, to solve the problem from the customer’s point of view. So the birth of a new product – ice cream.

so, the result of innovation is to give the customer a comfortable experience, everything revolves around the user. Only this point of view, innovation is meaningful, such innovation is worth increasing efforts to R & D and promotion, "the ultimate goal of innovation is to allow users to feel more and more simple," which is the ultimate goal of innovation.


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