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Explore waterfall flow site optimization techniques

after intense preparation at the tide finally officially launched, because I have been engaged in the clothing industry, naturally think this backing is not small and using the new viewing mode (waterfall) site should not be overlooked, in the course of the study the structure of the web site and also content had no small interest. This is a typical website, and I’ll discuss some specific issues with you next.

to open the web page (www.kanchao.com), shows the full screen picture, so leave some small space, can display more content, using gray highlight shading image content, to scroll down the page again after a short loading was covered with pictures……

does not need to turn the page, simple and convenient, the user experience is excellent, I think these points are perhaps the biggest advantage of the site using waterfall flow mode. But at the same time, this also brings great challenges to SEO page, all pages placed pictures show the location of sub site lead to insufficient, and after loading the contents of the spider can not access, so that no way to access the contents of the spider is also worth mentioning. At the same time, a page displays a large amount of content, and the user does not need to turn pages, without jumping, you can get the required information. Pv will also be greatly reduced. With these questions, I made a detailed analysis of several web sites using waterfall streams, which surprised me. Most of the use of waterfall stream site is not only higher weight, the amount is also considerable, and some even more than some of the portal, this phenomenon is worth our thinking.

domestic mainstream waterfall flow site data sheet (unit: WAN)

said micro-blog is the achievements of these sites, it is also said to be innovative marketing mode to open the market, especially the beautiful and mogujie.com micro-blog marketing, has been a lot of people to follow, and many analysts used as a case study. As for the analysis of these excellent websites, there have been too many people on the Internet to study them, and I have only analyzed them from the data.

through the above data, we can easily draw some conclusions and the time domain and weight included no direct relationship, these sites have a common point is the content of the website is user generated, so every day to produce a large number of new pages and content, as long as the internal structure of the site does not leave the spider trap, included natural good. Since the tide network is only a few days on-line, the three major labels are not set. Included in the review period, the situation is not good, but also reasonable.

Whether to use the

website and included a waterfall flow directly from the above data seems to be able to see some clues, we can see the four web page without using the waterfall flow but the whole page layout, this home has become a major navigation page, natural spider crawling smoothly. Deep pages can also be successfully crawled. The home page uses the bottom of the waterfall stream and leaves no text. The page looks very concise, and I’m afraid it’s also out of user experience.


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