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Local industry station will be the development direction of individual stationmaster

traffic caught in the hands of Baidu, money in the hands of Google, any side of the problem, personal Adsense will trouble constantly. How to get rid of these, where is the way out? Local industry website will be a good direction for personal Adsense development.

traffic hanging alliance advertising may not be long-term, and behind the forum, fish also began to ask the owners to change the feasibility of doing network operators effect. On the other hand, the profitability of local industry websites should not be overlooked.

is currently in personal website mainly rely on SEO, flow exchange, mail promotion and so on will get traffic, and traffic into money will have to rely on the existing deduction amount, serious illogical advertising alliance. Get rid of this profit model, personal website will usher in another spring.


1, current personal station status,

currently has 80% of its personal web sites in a not-for-profit state. 10% personal website profit only enough to pay the cost. The remaining 10% is that some of the leader, such as the hao123.com ip138.com station, eshentong.org.cn station, station and so on, there is no need to envy those people, after all, they carried very early, the so-called First come, first served., who told people to do early? Maybe 10 years ago you do a search, which is Baidu Google, today is here yell.

2, get rid of the core of the non-profit state turn to

local industry station successful example everywhere, a few days ago webmaster network interview Hefei forum is local website, but not industry website. And in Hefei, there is still a very well run industry website: Hefei group buying network. Professional group buying, profitability, it is quite strong. Local industry websites are able to move away from the flow – alliance model into the local user – e-commerce model.

3, local industry station input and promotion

this is a difficult point, and it is also a starting point for profit. Local stations under the line promotion is a priority. But, again, a local city is so big that it is not particularly difficult to promote it.

4, how profitable

basically do not consider how the problem of profitability, local industry website promotion, basically do not worry, no advertisers or paid users and other issues.

5, initial investment

website development, server costs, these are the most basic. The important thing is to promote this piece online and invest it. But it is impossible to make a profit without investing.

in short, get rid of the flow – alliance this profit model, go to the local e-commerce is up. This article also only do some possible reference, aimed at grassroots webmaster advice, hoping to play a role in attracting jade. Thank you


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