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Talk about the impact of JS big picture and FLASH on website speed and SEO

for page appearance and specific requirements, many of the website have fewer customers, let love Website Engineer to join a large number of JS effects and FLASH animation on the site, when the upload data are often put on a picture without any optimization, causing the site open speed is very slow, in addition besides, maybe they don’t know, these elements also have very serious impact on SEO, the search engine has been very intelligent, but compared to humans, they also lack the ability to identify JS, FLASH and pictures.

has seen a JS effect to the crazy web site, from the home page, column page to content page, basically, each page has used hundreds of K big picture switching JS special effects, resulting in open very slow. I believe we all know, and then a good site, if the opening speed is slow, even if the more beautiful, the user will eventually shut down.

has received a request for change of space customers, saying that the company website is very slow to open, agreed by the leadership of the decision to change the space to our company. Let customers sent over the site, after testing found that the speed is basically not much to do with space. This site home page basically no pure text things, not pictures, that is, FLASH and JS special effects, the site did pretty well, just open, you need to wait more than ten seconds.

There are so many examples of

, not one by one. The main reason that JS, FLASH and big pictures affect the website speed is that the files are too large, which makes the website load too slowly. In addition to having a very big impact on speed, SEO is one of the areas that we should focus on. SEO knows all about it, search engines like fast web pages, and spiders don’t recognize them. Search engine spiders work is to climb every day to different web pages, to collect original, fresh content, if its web page cognition is zero, and how to talk about included.

speed and SEO is related to the user experience of two important things, too much emphasis on "appearance of the customers should quickly jump out, the site is not for yourself to appreciate, but for customers to see. Customer experience is good, search engines like to come, is really a good site. This article by Shenzhen website construction http://s.www.gdwd.net original, reprinted please indicate the source.

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