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A no content of the new station how a day profit

network for many years, until now still not earn money and cannot read the code, usually go directly to the Internet under a program change under the name changed back, logo, and then put the space to, that is my site.

yesterday in a group of friends, chat with others, to tell the truth you Laotaibuxiao, wanted to try to see if you can solve a single problem in this group spent a day, I found that this market is very strong, fewer women than men, or very little, I think I can do it was a dating site, and then in the group asked, I open a dating website, ask you to do, the answer is unified, a sister went purple and then go online to find, a lot of results are not what is pure friendship, the user can not communicate, is the most the next release of personal information, this time to recall the previous commonly used procedures DZ, DZ good, a new forum, users can communicate, plug-in is also a lot of background can also find dating plugins and templates, and then there is a old Corn, for several years, because the previous record and the Baidu advertising alliance, so although not how to use it, but still kept, not willing to throw away, after several hours of work in a day, friends net space, Hoogle logo design case, the website opened smoothly, there are people ask do not come, but most of these people are older children, do not use the computer, when the registration of a lot of people will ask, why not registered mail, why can not be used, in order to quickly put the forum, I was setting the mailbox can be optional, as a result, the registered person when writing the username and password, when writing on the back, there will be a green tick, but not part of the mail, think is filled Write incorrectly, forced rogue, immediately change registration, you must fill in the mailbox.

I was at the beginning of the station joined Baidu union advertising, although there is no content, but at least it seems not so empty, I have joined the advertising in advertising can I join the place, the premise is not affecting the user experience and website use, improve advertising display rate, because there are some places do not. So no publicity in that a group of propaganda, this group is more than 200, the results from the survey, I found that 103 ip

But the

forum is still not popular, people take a look, did not find what they want, not a sister purple message, not what they want, and register an account is the most, and then leave, then don’t come, I found this website down, or not, so I adding a lot of chat groups, of course is legal, and then the main group in the group discussion place for me to add some web site advertising propaganda, just talk very difficult, many are not willing to give me, because my station is new, not popular, can bring fresh blood to their group, but by 103 IP yesterday, I >

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