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Look at these people you see entrepreneurship as early as possibleTo give up 500 thousand annual sal

of course, you might say, this kind of person is standing at the top of Pyramid. Our ordinary young people have no capital and no opportunities, and it is too difficult to achieve success just by a chamber of blood and unformed ideas.

After the three foundations of the

one month before the code from the Internet industry of agricultural brother directly into the dirty tired of the catering industry, before the opening code agricultural brother wrote a paper called "ten years code readme: why I resign sell" in fact code agricultural cold noodle, brother want to express the theme is: to make good thinking to fool products, smart people tend to think that smart, so he would have a problem, think to think about things that are valuable, because there are things they love most IQ Challenge, but often Cleverness may overreach itself. The standard thinking modes in the traditional industrialization era are large-scale production, large-scale sale and large-scale dissemination. These three can be called """ in the era of industrialization; "Holy Trinity "";

as everyone knows, Jobs’s 21 year old founder of Apple Corp, the two co founders of shlf1314 business when he was only 24 years old, Facebook founder Mark · Zuckerberg on New York’s NASDAQ Exchange in the global investors, to become the world’s most young entrepreneurship billionaire. Young people under the age of 30 are becoming the mainstay of entrepreneurship around the world.

1 in the industrial age, scarcity of resources and products, resources and productivity were regarded as the competitiveness of enterprises, and now is not;

jumei’s CEO Chen ou, when we know him, the most way is to watch him on television: "I am Chen Ou, I speak for myself" advertising. >

, Xu Dechen and other 10 members of the entrepreneurial team, the average age of 19 years. In Beijing Wudaokou Huaqing garden, they rented a set of 280 square meters duplex structure house, used as office space.

2 products are presented in the form of information, channel monopoly is difficult to achieve;

Abstract: the young team used their own unique characteristics and temperament to play the leading role in a new world. Due to the Internet age, many young users and other reasons, in the Internet and mobile Internet and other emerging areas, young entrepreneurs have become a norm.

first of all, users participate in enterprise product development, improvement. The traditional industry companies far away from consumers, in addition to product packaging at the telephone number and address the accident, the chance to communicate directly with consumers rarely, most of the communication is local agents and distributors, dealers at the same time because more emphasis on the level of sales service, other services are not in place, companies can also learn more by the dealer won two times, it is very difficult to get some market sound true depth. WeChat, micro-blog’s emergence, cut off the traditional complex communication chain, so that production enterprises can communicate directly with the user, and the production of enterprises become increasingly transparent.

"our company has a registered capital of 100 thousand yuan. It often has no money. It gives staff salaries and then no money to pay the rent. The main way is basically to borrow money."." Nevertheless, Xu Dechen’s entrepreneurial team or run with an air of importance for a year, not long ago, they just get the first pen financing.


but the fact that the young team used their own unique characteristics and temperament to play the leading role in a new world. Due to the Internet age, many young users and other reasons, in the Internet and mobile Internet and other emerging areas, young entrepreneurs have become a norm.

although many people believe that young entrepreneurial team inexperienced, not reliable. Young people should have more experience in the workplace, a green hand have some unrealistic fantasies, and some of Cheng Fangyuan’s style is difficult to grasp the market economy amidst the winds of change.

have been deconstructed, the power of producers and consumers has changed and consumer sovereignty has formed.

3 Internet dismembered the monopoly of all information channels, so that everyone can become a social development trend, micro-blog Meitu Xiu Xiu let people from the media, so that everyone can be PS, magic man mobile phone so that everyone can be comics, and businesses will become the production process for producers and consumers to work together to complete the production process, entity the industry has also undergone tremendous changes.

but the three foundations have been deconstructed in the Internet age.

code with a brother to practice 020 Internet thinking process, do is cold noodle takeaway, basic consumption is mostly women, code agricultural brother through a variety of ways to guide the user to our WeChat service, so that customers can through WeChat and their close communication, opening day code so benefit customers free tasting at the same time, let the user feedback taste directly in WeChat, bun thickness and taste, a special salty meat, when there is a user feedback, can directly interact with the user in WeChat service background, rapid improvement through feedback, and further to win the previous poor with >

passion is very important for entrepreneurs. Maybe it’s not all, but it must be a very important part." Xu Dechen said: "I dare to give up the entrance exam, give up the opportunity to attend foreign universities, because I have confidence in my own business."."


no, no, no, when you have this weak idea, it has actually decided your success or failure.

did not retire, but Xu Dechen in the 2012 annual meeting of entrepreneurs will be "under 30 years old upstart, young is power" discussion session, the speech frequently caused by the presence of people thinking. Founded by Xu Dechen and others in chat network, it is an online teaching network platform and provides professional courses such as English training.

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