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Webmaster brothers why can’t you make any moneyBold but cautious refused to talk buy roses website


I’m writing this article is mainly aimed at some still did not make any money friends and novice webmaster, can be finished, if you think I said unconscionable and I can exchange :332443141

Admin5 said the owners always look very tired, every day late at night, I want to ask you not to work during the day, night out? Do a website can earn some more? 24 hours a day, your time is very good use, you can say to yourself all the time I spent on site the development of the


webmaster mentality is very important, I had several station I want to give up, but also get the webmaster forum to sell, the price is not satisfactory because did not sell, but now the station development is very good, the PR value is up, a direct PR is 3. And not because of less traffic or

2, how to locate

website makes money. I suggest you try the advertising alliance first. bbs.admin5/forum-176-1.html here, there are many alliances, but most of the site traffic and quality requirements, so first suggested that you apply for GG ad or Ali mother’s advertising. When traffic goes up, try other alliances.


if you’ve searched for the Q number and found it’s normal, then you can go on to the next query. Buy site is naturally ready to make money, but to tell the seller your income may not be the actual income, especially Taobao customer income, it’s really easy this cheating, some buyers and Taobao will be specially combined brush brush reputation Amoy trading, Taobao sellers brush reputation is well understood, the transaction is able to Amoy brush sellers put Taobao fudge advertising, "look, my trading volume greatly good, 500 yuan a month does not suffer". So, when buying the website, the income of this number can not only brush out, can also PS out, for reference only, don’t take it too seriously.

since income this figure is not to be taken seriously, so what number is effective? Of course, many sites around the information is effective, such as whether the site is K, such as whether the site is down right, such as a web site is to be included in the near future, these are all important information. You can query the integrated information website through the site/domain/link commands, the best case is the site keywords ranking; everything is normal, of course, these keywords index is not too low, not a keyword index even in the first row is also meaningless.

3, how to get traffic

, for example, if the seller can spend the first 100 yuan to buy a simple website, then through the brush flow, brush, brush, brush ranking keyword advertising revenue and other means to put the data brush site sharply, then sold 1000~3000 yuan; what is this is the flicker flicker?. Of course, we have to admit that there are still many webmaster good at operating, the sale of the site are formal and reasonable; if the above words inadvertently hurt your feelings, please forgive me. Indeed, many times, if you buy a suitable site, it will save a lot of time and energy to promote early, as long as the intention to maintain, or will make a lot of money; of course, the premise is that you buy a reasonable site. Below love does not have a website, long come to brief introduction, buying and selling website a few matters needing attention, hope to be eager to buy a website to become rich, establish the friend of the establishment to help.

some time ago to see the soft in the A5 above, a lot of business website, even a few sellers on the home page of the wise remark of an experienced person simply; sell websites is a little persuasion taste, listen to buyers into the God possessed will follow your price, if the buyer is not possessed, can directly pull the black list, so you go and always find enchanted novice buyers.

is through the search engine optimization, if it is not included in your site, then you go to propaganda, propaganda method is very much, my last month’s 1, wrote an article: bbs.admin5/viewthread.php? Tid=295382& page=1& extra=page%3D1pid1235411 sh419 SEO comes to forget to forget this point we want some help

1, how to make money,

site positioning is very important, first of all to clear you should do what kind of a station, I think you want to do a profitable station can not completely rely on their own interests to do, but for the purpose of making money to do, one of my friends he is interested in PHP. Since the technology is good, just do a PHP website, but has yet to earn money. My advice is to be bold and try what you think is a tough place to do, because you don’t know what kind of station you’re going to do. Second follow the trend, learn to imitate. For example, other people do station to make money, there are many webmasters in the station, you can also make a station to try, do not think that many people do not make money, and do many people, there must be many reasons.

4, do webmaster mentality

if you want to buy the site, first you will want to see the website to sell information, view the sale information in front of you can try to search Q, general Q, should be old, at least above the level of the sun; if it is new, then you can stop. Secondly, you can also go to sh419 search under the Q, if the webmaster for a long time, then the Internet will inevitably have a lot of personal information. Of course, other contacts can also be searched.

Of course, the best

, I want to share with you how to build a web site that can make money.


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