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An example about web site suddenly not included the causes and treatment methods

. The IIS log check, can clearly understand the spider’s whereabouts, it has not come to our site and what time, and how frequently come to. If the spider did not come, the site is naturally not included.

channel. If the spider is normal to your site, then you must first see is your robots.txt file, see if it is not because of their own in modification of robots is not careful, the original need included page to ban, or is it because I have only forbidden entrance page need included page the main entrance is prohibited or. About robots file but also pay attention to is not frequently modified, because every time you change will let the spider to consider what page is the page which is not going to crawl, frequent modification is also very hate spiders; you also need to check is that each entrance to your web page is not normal.

General situation: the

3, check the page, if the spider, and your robots is the same as before no major changes, entrance structure and page are not what a big change, it must be on the page. The article page, you need to consider the quality of their articles, is not collected too much? Is not the original article is not enough and so on, and to check their articles are collected over others (which many people have the habit of checking), the collection by others too much, if you the weight less than acquisition of your article website, maybe you will make you seem to love Shanghai station is the collection station, especially when your article is different when the frequent acquisition station for the other; page, you have to look at is not in your new page. "

1, check the IIS log

had a normal website, suddenly become not included, the Shanghai dragon Er means suffering time, tragedy, the author of the station in some time ago, met this situation, fortunately, after examination and treatment after the site resumed. Here the author according to the actual example, why said site suddenly not included and solutions.

station in about 9.15 days, the original daily update daily normal included information page not included, then other pages included in the site began to decrease, when on the 9.23 day, the site began to stop by, the snapshot stalled, site keywords ranking drop.

2, check the A lot of

due to the site is not included, so check the website spent a lot of time, of course, is not blind, need to have a clear direction in mind, the overall cause of the site is not included is nothing more than 3 points: 1, 2, a spider spider does not come; come, can not find the page you left. 3, spider, also entered the site some pages inside, but still did not bring anything. From these 3 reasons, I made the following findings:

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