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A5 webmaster Shanghai Dragon Team the cracks in the survival of individual station to die

: so if the site itself is not perfect, it will be difficult to really.

C: Love Advice, Shanghai dragon Shanghai statistical index, fell in love with the sea search site speed diagnosis, as well as new "chain analysis, grab the abnormal" it is worth mentioning that there are "website tools to optimize the 301 redirect; submit dead links and not included in URL submission. It can be said that in 2012 in Shanghai in technology has been greatly improved. In the past some means in the future, I am afraid it is difficult to use

team in the past year the site has about 500 or so, but because of the "right down" analysis program occupies approximately 80%. Without exception, these sites have a common problem: the optimization of the site itself is not perfect, or there is a fatal problem. For example, the optimal error will lead to a large number of low quality page; or optimizing the label related to improper use are suspected of cheating.

as everyone knows, A5 webmaster Shanghai dragon team is to "Shanghai dragon diagnosis" started, the eye extends the keyword ranking, website advisory services. We are here to share our data analysis in the past year.

B: the second is about "in late August link" is love Shanghai right down the site, this link: a large number of trading site, purchase intention obvious site and use Sina, love Shanghai space blog group, or the use of Shanghai Longfeng optimization software mass site is also good. In addition to the low quality of the chain site, was also affected, as is the purchase of release "video chain" to affect the user experience of the chain site information. And, you can insert the link to enhance the website weight at random in the past media soft release, but there is more emphasis on the relationship between nature and site.

The diagnosis of

2013 the Spring Festival is coming, this also means that we bid farewell to 2012. However, in the past year, relying on the Internet for the survival of the owners, but left a lingering haze. How many people have to hope that there are many people had ended, of course, ultimately leave more or "personal website". Where, what is the cause of the decline of standing in the crevice, individual stations will perish? A5 webmaster Shanghai dragon team He Guijiang combination situation analysis of 2012 team Shanghai dragon diagnosis business of personal views.


A: the first is the 6.28 event in the batch right down the site, and the main reason for the drop right is "acquisition and repetition" problem. After the last drop right, and even a large number of Web sites even more than half a year later still no signs of recovery, or some sites as in the past is included, but the weight is not lifting.

: the first search engine to improve

second: the technical bottleneck problem of

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