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A5 soft for those thinking webmaster

many webmaster complaining about his writing is not a color, reasoning does not thorough, not good, no way, through the audit in A5, in fact all of this is our original intention caused by. Because we just want to rely on soft and included A5 this platform to upgrade their website or the quality of the chain is too utilitarian. When do the initial stage, the content and the chain hypothesis quite illegible, that is to say, not hard, I put a large part of the energy on the A5 submission, resulting in my soft are utilitarian content from first to last, not stiff said, when you write your left and right is Gu He, thinking about what how to write to add their own words, to use their own case in the article, this article not only their own down the pass rate is not high, but delayed the construction site at the beginning of the process. The author says the purpose is to remind you that not everything soft weapon, a soft, do not bring what is the most number of points of the chain, for the long-term development of the website can say little help, we stand still should be placed in all the work, not for writing and writing, let the A shared meaning.

for writing and writing, first of all to correct their attitude

today saw a written text authors share his experience in A5, this is very interesting, the whole idea was launched around the A5 trend of these articles, can be said to be an article I recently saw the relatively new. But I may not have said qualifications, here, I’m just a part-time two years as a webmaster, performance is not outstanding, but also can not write this article, but I feel for writing understanding is necessary to share, because the author is mentioned, I feel a good the soft can and chain to locate, with only reprint volume instead, good soft Wen will have a certain ideological.


mechanical applied skills will only make the lost significance

will have a lot of friends in the forum to introduce their soft writing experience, some will tell everyone to pay attention to the title and content of the novel, some will recommend reasonable segmentation, try to speak to understand, some suggestions to the illustrations, the only way to pass the audit. Yes, these friends are right, I have carefully compared A5 every day by the feeling that they have introduced the experience of these articles, but only through the examination of the article is meaningful? Long ago seen a friend to share the article, which referred to himself while writing it skills through rate is very high, but the reprint volume is very low, the actual use and not too much. You have to think about, you want to get some real experience with you, or the words and deeds of the traditional reasoning, yes, good article can use decorative techniques, but there are things we can not copy the idea to the. Lu Songsong blog, moonlight and ZAC blogs are often subscribe to the blog, they.

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