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The key to improve the thesaurus ranking let double your Shanghai Longfeng effect

3, in the pages of text keywords

Keywords implantationThe

search engine is displayed to the user.

page of the text is "to give to the specific content of the user, it can be the product information, can also be a blog. Here, there is a classic of the law is "content is king of the chain for the emperor", that is to say, if the site does not have quality content, then the site itself has failed, no more talk about site optimization, for optimization and promotion is all will attract users to the web page, as to how the user experience quality. Or look at the website of the text.

4, in the


2, to appear in URL

URL is a uniform resource locator, also known as the web page address, is the Internet standard address resources. Generally speaking, in determining the good location of a web site, you can use the domain name industry keywords or English Shuangpin words, this is the ideal state. We still love Shanghai as an example, its domain name, "Baidu" is the love of Shanghai Quanpin, not only for the Internet user memory, also easy to search engine included, is conducive to improve the relevance ranking in search engines.

in search marketing, how to improve and optimize the site keywords are important to marketing. So, how important keywords? For example, Hai Yao Shanghai dragon Xiao Bian, when we fall in love with the sea to find relevant information, input some key words in love in Shanghai usually, the search engine will be based on the keywords to search the database, if found to match these keywords content ", will by using a special algorithm, according to the page keywords matching degree, position and frequency, the link quality, calculate the webpage relevance and ranking level, then according to the degree of association, in accordance with the order will show these Web links to the user.

we were in the Shanghai dragon, first to the site chosen keywords, enhance the accuracy of marketing. Keywords the number should not be too much, mainly from 3 for the benefit of "network marketing" as an example, if we want to engage in the business is mainly "network marketing", so, in the selection of key words, in addition to "network marketing" the stick, can also choose "Internet Marketing", "Internet marketing" as a keyword, so, as long as the user input in the search engine search engine to find these words at the end of the database, because matching keywords set and user needs us, we will add probability "provides information to the user.


summary page keywords

thus, the skills to understand the keyword extraction and optimization, can effectively improve the web search engine ranking. The method of extraction and optimization of several key words effective the next Hai Yao Shanghai dragon small series:

1, select the site keywords

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