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The successful application of Linkwheel wheel link in website optimization

blog build group believe that everyone is very strange, Linkwheel strategy is built in the blog group on the basis of the novice webmaster can create a blog, and then put these blogs like a wheel. The link is the core part of your website, all built resources have to link to your site, then these resources are like wheels linked in a circle, the Linkwheel diagram is very vivid.

8U (贵族宝贝qjjs.net) Chinese by editing the wateryuer original, published in the A5 station network, please indicate.


method is Linkwheel initially the easiest way to do Linkwheel example, actually very strong is a bit difficult, spend a long time, but the workload will also be considerable. The blog is not simply to link it to you every day, is to maintain and update in order to play its due role. But the link resources can then increase the expansion, as shown below:


site in Shanghai for a little dragon entry for people who are not difficult, but it is very complicated. Shanghai dragon is important ideas, important resources. If there is no ideas and resources, it can only be a start, start from the bottom, take the old routine, this process requires a lot of patience and perseverance to the persistence.

the new owners started Shanghai Longfeng, not a lot of resources, for the website optimization promotion understanding is not a lot, it is impossible to have what innovation, so it will do stand in the early days have a bumpy road difficult, now as long as the novice webmaster to learn the Linkwheel strategy, will easily solve the problem.

new website built at the beginning, the webmaster will worry about how to do the optimization, how to create content, how to increase the site outside the chain website ranking optimization method, small wateryuer to introduce a new method to link Linkwheel. Linkwheel is a Shanghai dragon link strategy, it is the principle of the establishment of a large number of one-way import links to a web page, so as to improve the site’s ranking.

Linkwheel is very easy to use for the novice webmaster, can start a step by step from the simple method, this method has been proved to be very effective, can give site bring good rankings, novice webmaster can make good use of this method to promote your web site.

Linkwheel do the most extreme is to make full use of all kinds of chain platform, the use of buildings, are all the resources are as follows:



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