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How to avoid excessive optimization


3, the anchor text optimization over

1, the accumulation of

this includes inside and outside stations are not the same anchor text, not too the same, so it is easy to cause excessive optimization, the anchor text not internal links all point to the home page, the text should also be diverse.

With the

some owners in order to have a good ranking, increase keyword density, it can easily cause over optimization, general webmaster tools that keyword density control can be in 2%–8%, I don’t think so, this is too mechanical, according to the website, making keyword density. If your site is new sites or low weight station, surfing optimization keyword density not more than 2% more insurance, to avoid excessive optimization, if your site is the old station or a relatively high weight of the station, the station is relatively stable, so the keyword density can be more than 8%, it will not be because of excessive optimization is right down, the author did an experiment, a keyword density station stable reached 20% won’t be right down.

algorithm to adjust the love of Shanghai, more and more strict inspection site optimization, a little mistake will cause excessive optimization, and keywords ranking drop, flow reduction. Recently I found some well-known Shanghai dragon website weight is very high, but has recently started keyword ranking is not stable, some keywords ranking fell sharply, the most likely cause of the analysis is to optimize the excessive, the forum also found that many owners said their web site is down right, the author analyzed, but also because many optimization excessive, surfing today talk about web site optimization optimization is how to grasp the good heat, to avoid excessive optimization.

2, website optimization not exhaustive

usually excessive optimization in following aspects:

Shanghai Longfeng novice often made this problem, they can not wait to put all the keywords in the web page title and description, so it is easy to cause is right down. In general a website three or four main keyword, keyword to natural distribution, not artificially put together. Avoid several key words appear in one place, a large number of key positions, more natural and better. No frills Website Optimization Website optimization is the best, do not see the website optimization and modification, is the highest level of website optimization.

surf site optimization that website of Shanghai Longfeng, several aspects of it, not the pursuit of everything, the optimized techniques are used, so it is difficult to grasp, a little careless over optimized, is also very easy to understand, love Shanghai, love the pursuit of natural, suitable for the user experience, how the website of Shanghai Longfeng do everything, is bound to hurt the user experience, too is bound for the search engines, resulting in excessive optimization is down right, special labels, such as H1, bold, italic and other special tags, with one to two on it.

how to avoid excessive optimization

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