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The old domain name do the website how to quickly improve the weight

The old domain name how to operate


new domain name do stand a good love Shanghai, it is faster, sometimes even can be included within 30 minutes of operation right, no more than one day will be included. Noble baby included may slightly slower but not more than one week. The following is a new domain name to do some of my personal experience of the station. A website, do not submit to the major search engines: this may be the traditional understanding of everyone is not the same, but the practice has proved that the new sites do, as long as in some high weight site send outside the chain, such as A5, a post, a few minutes will be included, the spider climb to the new site link, because the love of Shanghai has a particular interest in the new link, so good luck, may be collected immediately, and may later put out, this time also is the thing in 30 minutes, my station 1000 Fong exchange had such potent stovepipe oils, are interested in friends can also be done to try new. Two, pay attention to the railway station in Shanghai: the weight effect of love love Shanghai to the railway station is relatively high, so new sites was collected after a few days ago, the website will generally have a good ranking, not proud, this is only temporary, later ranking will plummet, will not find you stand within 100 at this time, only pay attention to is to regularly update the content, must pay attention to regularly update, at the same time, the chain can make some, but not too much.

old domain name do stand have advantages and disadvantages: good old domain name itself is some with a lot of the chain, if the old domain name of words, so easily in a short time can reach very high weight, not after new study period; the downside is that if bad luck, buy because of cheating K or have a bad history of the domain name, the weight so easy for a long period of time on the site to ranking. The old domain name do stand can quickly increase the chain to improve the domain name registration weight: old, in the construction of the chain than the new strength, as long as the regular chain increases the number of points, there is no problem, what have the law, namely: the steady increase. The study period can shorten the site, the rapid increase in weight. For example my site is the west brand, the old domain name but increased the amount of the chain in a short period of time, a few days, the sea began to fall in love with my website for a comparison of the rankings, but just in front, not the top, still need to be further optimized.

using the new domain name

domain name do website how to quickly improve the weight of

as a rookie in grassroots, although the operation of the site without the right to speak too much, but there are also summarized a little experience, share with you today and, during the war, the operation method of the new and old domain name is different, so how to improve the weight of the website, please peer deficiencies friends.

In fact, both the old and new The old and new How to operate the

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