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Love is to cover up the promotion of Shanghai love Shanghai health


in August when the Shanghai love search related key medical keywords results show love for Shanghai



have a friend asked me to have the price of Shanghai Longfeng foreground how want to learn about today, so I think a few months ago wrote an article in the A5 article titled "Shanghai Long Fengxin" medical industry from Shanghai to find love certification, links to sent him, he after seeing you said this analysis is wrong, is first one next to listen to his analysis: love is not for the health of Shanghai Shanghai dragon, Shanghai love is used to make money products need to pay promotion only ranking, a little surprised, I said before this is not called love but love is called Shanghai Shanghai health certification, so now before the analysis is wrong? The next to analyze how is love Shanghai so confused. Love Shanghai authentication become a distraction.


has been shown to love Shanghai and health has increased in Shanghai health in bidding promotion but the basic layout is not a big change if not bidding personnel or not carefully observed is indeed very difficult to find. Now at the beginning of the analysis it is a mistake to fall in love with the sea think too humanized with some previous search engine market thinking to further enhance the user to keep possession of the whole insurance search engine market share but forget the love of Shanghai the final purpose is to make money is to love Shanghai K medical station.


look from large scale K new algorithm love Shanghai a series of adjustments, the introduction of medical station, now the medical station of Shanghai Longfeng such difficult situation whether Shanghai can see sex to achieve the interests of the. Under the guise of love Shanghai experience using the new algorithm and the user all the medical station almost to their The whole army was wiped out., products in search results, when the medical website in the optimization of natural ranking so difficult and the effect is slow, operators will look at the search results on top of love Shanghai health products. So the medical station natural ranking less and love Shanghai health hospital in the business is more and more medical key flow into most of the health promotion implementation of love Shanghai love Shanghai health products, but also to achieve a healthy profit with love in Shanghai.

now re search results show

love Shanghai user experience did not improve, but for ways to make money to spend money or hospital finally. The natural ranking of the losing of the private hospitals had to rely on the natural flow of the bidding, when jjpm show insufficient, will consider occupy the search results page 1/3’s love of Shanghai health, in which you want to get good rankings also needs to pay promotion. This place can be called a step further to love Shanghai chess ruthless exploitation of private medical institutions, and promote their products to a large number of users through home health products into one big love Shanghai.

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