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Methods and skills of Shanghai Longfeng single page optimization

this article may be more suitable for enterprise station friends. Because the station is not so rich enterprise information station, there is no product stand so many products. It has only a few pages, and poor business information. So the wolf at the beginning of the article said, Shanghai Longfeng single page optimization is more suitable for the station to do business friends. Often a company involved in the target station, most of the time, it is the name of the company, service projects and so on, and because of its drawbacks in a small amount of information, resulting in Shanghai dragon Er personnel in the operation of great limitations, let alone to do the long tail key word more. So at this time, most of Shanghai Longfeng are focused on the optimization of the home page, also is the single page optimization (single page optimization).

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Keywords you can

5, external links. This is a very important factor in the internal operating limitations, almost all of Shanghai dragon Er focus on the external links.

4, the internal anchor text. The anchor text is what I can not explain, internal anchor text means at the site within the anchor text.

, 2 page keywords appear many times. It also can improve the relationship between the target page and the keywords, especially in the end part of the page.

although many enterprises have been out of the station before pattern, some optimization of the enterprise, is the enterprise blog column in their own website. The purpose is to through the update, let the update frequency and the weight of the site to achieve a comparable level of energy and information station. But today is the single page optimization, so that skip.


1, URL address, is of great help to your keyword ranking.

in the home page, there are about 6 local is very worthy of note:


Author: Wolf, please bring the source web site address: 贵族宝贝web161贵族宝贝

can grasp these 6 points, I believe your single page optimization should not have what problem.

Single page optimization of

3, contains special tags. For example, B, strong, H tags and so on, are able to highlight keywords tag.

navigation. And the internal anchor text is similar, but the weight of all the internal links in the highest position, because it is at the top of the page.

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