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n Microsoft Google apple in the high flow subjects participate

on the Internet in November Apple has released a raging like a storm, their new products in the early hours of 24 May, while Microsoft in early 26 released the first surface tablet computer and its own operating system win8, and Google, will also press conference held in November 29, the Internet for you to sing his raging like a storm. Further, on November, the Internet bigwigs have to display their products, the market will be pulled into a new high degree of competition, so competition in the month, we dug out the how the flow has a huge theme, following it, the author will use their own ideas, take you to go.

The first point:

> Second

in this context, we can have so many topics, including apple intervention seven inch tablet market, including Microsoft and apple to compete with the competition and the market prospect of determination, win7 and win8, the consumer how about the noble baby, between your family baby amozon and the link between system the different systems involved between Android and IOS connection, even can think of why NOKIA’s Symbian system will decline, when Apple was in NOKIA’s eyes or small companies, such as NOKIA in doing such background, in this market, each will become a breakthrough point a topic of infiltration flow.

between the three companies are from the background of

when the apple with ten inch tablet computer tablet accounted for most of Jiangshan, many manufacturers have launched Apple products and unwilling to remain out of the limelight competition, but Apple experience is too large, under the ten inch mark is always unable to break apple, then 7 inch tablet to canopy graced, early in September 28, 2011, after the Amazon has a 7 inch Kindle $199 fire, quickly in this small inch tablet on the market to attract a large number of consumers, this is Apple’s unexpected, because Jobs once said, seven inch tablet is not the Apple design field, so when the Amazon in the area, with a Android system a modified command of this country, noble baby sit, in 2012 July, noble baby son, noble baby nexus 7, 8G, 19 9 dollars in our eyes, after a few months of sales, analysts said the noble baby nexus 7 has sold nearly one million sets of products, from another point that noble baby also did not expect that, as a result, the product in November, the new aristocracy aristocratic baby baby nexus 7 will appear in our field of vision however, Microsoft, in the early years of junior high school, Microsoft tablet computer with a new posture between the desktop and notebook computer appears in our eyes, that is surface, with a protective sleeve as the keyboard 10.6 inch tablet computer, in order to compete with apple 10 inch tablet computer market, this is our see the background.

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