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Tutorial bidding advertising circle with you on account of bidding optimization

account structure


actually link itself has the nature of certain level round exhibition, this exhibition is just round.

is currently a lot of bidding tutorial and most of all, about the love of Shanghai account optimization.


so the same bid ranking will change, or your competitors are open round exhibition, and the competition is more than you have to show some creative creative quality degree is high, and some quality than you low, resulting in the final pages of the rankings have unstable. Second, in fact, some careful people will find a lot of time links ranked as one of the more volatile.

advertising and creative advertising page

love Shanghai auction account optimization is very important, so how to effectively optimize love Shanghai bidding account, in order to improve the quality of key words, to lower Click Prices to get a better ranking, thereby reducing the overall cost of the promotion, improve the rate of return on investment. In fact, love Shanghai for the account of optimization and site optimization has a lot of similarities. In the end, how to optimize the love of Shanghai for the account of

there are still some problems in advertising circle that everyone needs to know:


includes keyword quality and actual business transformation rate. As everyone knows, the ranking is determined by the quality of advertising and keyword bid. Thus, the importance of the quality of key words. The search history records and target page factors such as keyword relevance, quality of the relevant keywords and advertising. The need for monitoring statistics on the actual situation of advertising the actual business transformation rate. At present, to provide monitoring function more perfect search marketing tools in Guangdong tiantuo R & D topsem etc..

Optimization of Optimization of

user input keywords, advertising creative and landing page directly affect the user experience of the client, thereby affecting the online purchase. Therefore, how to make advertising more in line with potential customers, advertising landing pages open faster, the user experience is more creative and advertising page optimization focus.

keyword optimization

advertising circle summed up some experience in many years of practice, sum up the following aspects:

will be divided into account advertising series, advertising group, keyword segmentation management module according to the product characteristics and targets. Different products have different advertising group and keywords, the three corresponding division, create reasonable account structure.

in Shanghai in the bidding process when many people see the rankings will find creative ranking in the unceasing change, they think their account is not stable, but there are two reasons for this: first, is the account of each unit you will have a few ideas, some creative quality is not the same as you are round, exhibition, creative quality leads to different degrees of different quality.

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