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The actual spider background analysis to grasp the real love Shanghai weight

websiteIf Summary: Third step: use the excel

due to limited space, a love Shanghai spider IP weight distribution data, please love Shanghai "love Shanghai" spider IP query



first step: get the original log

is a Windows host, in the root directory of the FTP can be found on the website of the original access log directory. If the Linux host, cPanel panel as an example, from the cPanel panel log – > Web access logs in the original original

access logs into the log format tool, recommend the use of online log formatting tools here (贵族宝贝xiaoxia.de/upload/apache-log-formatter.html), formatting tools will provide detailed information by visiting the page, carrying the IP and User-Agent, through these basic information, we can find the corresponding relationship between the IP and page spider antecedents.


Second step: use the

small child safety seat my whole plan (www.babysafe360贵族宝贝) by using this simple method, combined with the love of Shanghai statistics user page visits, to evaluate some low value, low weight, small amount of page access, and to strengthen the high weight of the pages of the user experience, enhance.

analysis of spider preferences, and to evaluate the weight distribution of the value of whole station, many webmaster to data statistical analysis of the threshold would be too high, in fact, through simple excel statistics, which can be seen in the high weight spider IP ZhengZhan page layout.

log format tool

Objective: to love Shanghai weight, the webmaster is both familiar and unfamiliar, familiar with the major Webmaster Platform has provided Shanghai love weight query, it is also an important link exchange, said strange because the love Shanghai officials have no clear weight index of the so-called "love Shanghai". Maybe now appear on the network love Shanghai weight query index, everything is nothing! But there is one point is the objective existence, is the love of spiders in Shanghai (Baiduspider) carrying the IP, which could reflect the preferences of different spider on the site of a different page, from the side also reflects the different website page weights, through own a series of analysis, the weight distribution can be more accurate assessment of the entire station in Shanghai, Phoenix, the content of value, the user experience has very good reference value, this article through the detailed analysis to the spider love Shanghai Road Station in combat, to grasp the true love of Shanghai weight:

access log

The original


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