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Pleasantly surprised! September 1st love Shanghai will resume 10 advertising

then, rumors love Shanghai PC advertising will be restored, how do you see? Welcome to join the 17 official QQ group 271816468 (Note: the wind, I want to exchange) and Discussion on learning network marketing

In fact,


17 what want to say is that in September 1st the "Internet advertising management measures" after the implementation of all search engine advertising will be clearly marked "advertisement" two words, the era of Internet advertising disguised as ordinary information gone for ever, we no longer have to worry about being cheated "search engine".

17 way to view the wind push advertising a number of other search engines.

that started in September 1st in Shanghai will resume 10 advertising, the specific location of temporarily unknown. The 17 herd confirmation, informed sources said, indeed heard the wind inside.


Sogou promotion, left the top 4 advertising, advertising on the right side of the 7


360, left the top six advertising, is a. (recently 17 Zhuifeng received the support of 360 seems to flow in a small test on the right side of advertising, perhaps shortly after the 360 right promotion will return to


Adwords, left the top 4, below the 3 advertising (on advertising is not the same as


According to

this time to increase advertising, television advertising is equivalent to increase the length, or video website advertising titles from 30 seconds to 60 seconds (in fact, the expansion of search engine advertising than the previously mentioned two more close to the people, because you can see your advertisement and demand will be highly consistent, and need only the mouse wheel roll, can skip ads (?????)???)


on the basis of the user experience, love Shanghai to increase advertising, for small and medium enterprises is actually good news. From May to adjust the promotion, the promotion of SMEs has become a "Aihong everywhere" scene. Although the DSP advertising DSP this burn very influential, but change the flow of "delivery method is not suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, especially the ToB industry. Love Shanghai advertising increases, can ease the promotion of competitive situation.


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