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see Shanghai dragon new owners how to dialysis


search engine optimization, believe that every webmaster never endless talk about the topic, like a child is every couple endless talk about the topic, but also the most love talk. Ashamed to say, hear the word of Shanghai dragon only a year ago, then love Shanghai Shanghai dragon to understand its meaning. Then slowly learning Shanghai dragon. Search engine optimization objective, from the perspective of the webmaster is nothing more than to make their sites ranked higher, from search engine angle, is to search the most qualified website information for users search. After studying for a long time now feel a little harvest, with new Adsense share many people heard the Shanghai dragon feeling is in fact too profound to be understood. We first take a look at what spider love, why love. The enemy can ever victorious. That is the content, how to let the content? Simple point to understand is your content is the one and only the original article. Why spiders love the original article? We think, take the meal, if we drink everyday porridge, porridge meal, you will not feel bored. I have no appetite, and also as the Spring Festival is coming soon, drop around. Everybody is the same Hot pot hospitality is also no appetite appetite! So if our website content is rampant everywhere copy article, the spider is not love.

update, why spiders love you more every day to keep update 3 articles, but not love you a month to update 90 articles! In same class, the teacher is more love that seriously study hard every day, or more.

link for the emperor, why is it so important link! What is the role of the chain, can be understood as the chain is someone else for your vote, the high number of votes you got on! Think about our own personal communication. If a person is very narrow circle, then people you know very few sure! Go to a place to find this place for a The bachelor, but an adult and a baby named The bachelor. Does anyone think you’re looking for a baby The bachelor? Why is the website weight time is relatively high, in fact is not the truth, the same words from one of noble character and high prestige in an elderly population is more convincing? Or a boy in convincing?. Obviously the old people of noble character and high prestige wins! Such as calls for blood donation and so on public welfare, is calling for stars to good effect, or ordinary people to call for good effect, people at leisure star names, don’t you think they know friends? Surgical experts with the average doctor, we are more willing to let the experts to see the doctor. So we don’t need to some key words to the first row and take time, because people is the people’s house is the star, people of noble character and high prestige, is the authority. No more. If there is a link that relevance is better, why? The same programs a review and a general audience are evaluated, people will be more willing to listen to who, so people think some hobbies or spiders, can be combined with the things around us to understand.

Shanghai dragon

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