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first_imgI often get calls in the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension office from homeowners who ask, “What is this black stuff on the leaves of my crape myrtle and gardenia?” My answer is sooty mold.Sooty mold is a secondary problem that is caused by an infestation of aphids, whiteflies or scale insects. It frequently develops on the foliage of many ornamental plants in the summer. It covers the top surface of leaves which reduces the photosynthetic process.Sooty mold often goes unnoticed until a large number of leaves are covered with a black unsightly substance. It is not really a disease, but a black fungal coating on the leaves. Insects can’t be far awaySooty mold indicates an insect problem on the plant. The insects feeding on the plant excrete a sugary substance called honeydew. In the summer months when aphid or whitefly populations are high, plants may look like vegetable oil has been poured on them. This shiny substance is honeydew. Summer rains help rinse this substance away and may even delay the onset of the sooty mold. However, if there is insufficient rain to rinse off the honeydew, it will stick to the leaves. Sooty mold fungus does not feed on plant tissue, but on the secretions from the insects that are feeding on the plant.Aphids, scales, whiteflies and other sucking insects primarily cause sooty mold to form on plants like fig, crape myrtle, azaleas, tulip tree, oleander, and other ornamentals. The feeding of a large number of these insects and the coating of the sooty mold may lead to reduced vigor in the plant. These sucking pests take in large amounts of sap. Much of the water and sugars in the sap pass though the insect and onto the leaf. Remove insects to control sooty moldTo control sooty mold, control the aphids, scales or other pests that are creating the honeydew. Aphids can often be washed off by a strong spray of water from a water hose. This may also remove some of the honeydew and sooty mold. Remaining sooty mold will eventually dry up and flake off the leaves. To control heavy infestations of aphids, scales and mealy bugs, on ornamental plants, use acephate, imidacloprid, malathion or other recommended insecticides. Read and follow the pesticide label carefully.Controlling insects will in turn prevent the eyesore sooty black mold from forming on plants in your landscape. Plan now to take action to prevent this issue from being a problem later in the season.last_img read more


first_imgSpicers Potts Point.The conversion involved taking a trio of terrace houses dating back to 1873, and restoring and extending the property to suit a five star lifestyle.“Spicers Potts Point has been a delicate restoration-project for my team and I. Marrying the preservation of historical features of the property, with modern finishes and amenities throughout has been of utmost importance for this project and I believe the execution of this speaks for itself.”Mrs Turner said Potts Point was an iconic part of Sydney and the property was designed to add to the existing “buzz” of the area. Jude Turner, owner and operator of Spicers Retreats, at her new hotel in Potts Point. Picture: Hollie Adams.QUEENSLAND richlister Jude Turner – one half of the Turner couple of Flightcentre fame – has opened her dream project: the renovation of grand historic home cum five star hotel.Spicers Potts Point will bring to eight the number of luxury retreats she and husband Graham “Skroo” Turner have now, five of which are in Queensland and three in New South Wales.“We have long-dreamed of having an urban offering in Sydney to round-out our existing New South Wales retreats, and I’m pleased to officially open this to the public,” she said.Mrs Turner has invested millions rejuvenating and rebuilding the Potts Point residence, where prices start from $429 a night for a queen room. There are 20 luxury rooms in the boutique hotel.More from newsMould, age, not enough to stop 17 bidders fighting for this home3 hours agoBuyers ‘crazy’ not to take govt freebies, says 28-yr-old investor3 hours agoSpicers Potts Point starts from $429 a night for a Queen Room. Spicers Potts Point has 22 rooms.last_img read more